Tuesday, November 20


It's Tuesday.  And this week is a short one, so I'm pret-ty excited about that.  I could use a day or 5 of sleeping in.

If you had to assign a caption to the photo below, what would it be?

We were looking for: "Melanie went to see Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 on Friday with sister Amanda, and [to the dismay of sister Amanda] was proudly representing Team Jacob."

Oh yes I did.  Amanda (an avid supporter of Team Edward) was soooo excited to arrive at the theatre with THAT.  Am I in love with Taylor Lautner?  Yes.  Do I enjoy any scene where he's shirtless?  Sure.  Do I want to marry a werewolf?  Obviously.  I heard on the radio the other day that Taylor gets an additional $20k for each scene where he's shirtless.  He made some good money this time around.  Those pecs are quite an investment. 

Amanda and I went to the 8:55pm showing of the movie.  The day after it came out.  And seated behind us were 2 women with 3 young girls, the little chippies averaging about 6 years old, maybe?  Okay, ladies.  If you're that much of a Twi-hard, maybe you should find a babysitter instead of subjecting the theatre to your children throughout. the. entire. movie.  And maybe you shouldn't even have your 5-year-old watching a bunch of bloodsucking vampires ripping each other's heads off (the fight scene in the end is awfully graphic and disturbing, even for adults). 

Clue #1 that your daughter doesn't belong at the theatre watching Breaking Dawn:
she shouts, "Oh look, mom!  Justin Bieber!"
when Robert Pattinson appears onscreen for the first time.

The movie was okay; definitely 1.5-star-worthy (at best).  I'm a little bummed that this marks the end of the Twilight saga.  Booooo.  But all good things must come to an end.  Side note: During the opening credits, the casting director (Debra Zane) is listed.... I'm sorry, but should she even have been paid for this one?  I feel like casting the fifth Twilight movie is sort of in the bag.  Talk about easy money.  Was it really that difficult to determine who should play Edward? 

I picked up a free turkey yesterday.  My company gives each employee a turkey for the holidays.  I was planning on donating mine, but my family (all carnivores) wanted me to grab a turkey for our Thanksgiving meal.  So here I sit, a dishonorable herbivore with a heavy heart, all because of the 14.36 lbs of treason thawing in the fridge upstairs.  I am ashamed of myself.

This past weekend was a busy, whirlwind weekend.  I was even able to sneak in a few photo shoots for some friends. (how adorable are they?)

Something tells me this coming weekend will be just as busy.  If you're traveling this week/weekend, have safe travels!  And have a happy Thanksgiving.  I know you all have much to be thankful for, so take some time to say thanks for the fabulous things in your life.

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