Thursday, November 22


Life is so good.  I hope you're surrounding yourself with some fabulous things today.

In the middle of all your running around today (because isn't that what T-Day has become?), take a moment to look around and realize just how greatly blessed you are.  If you have family that drives you bananas, just nod, smile, and say thank you for the family members who are there to share today with you.  Even if you have a gross, smelly turkey plopped on the table in front of you, just say thank you for the abundance of food at your disposal.  We all have a million things to be thankful for, even if that's a little hard to remember on certain days...  And we should practice the art of giving thanks all year round,  not just in November.

That said, here I go: 66 things I'm thankful for, in no particular order.

  1. chubby-cheeked ladies with rattails and potbellies who make my heart go *boom* when they look at me and smile
  2. a family who loves my daughter as much as they love me (actually, I think it's a little more than me, but who's counting?)
  3. bald nieces with mile-long eyelashes whose giggles make me swoon
  4. Sol's godmothers
  5. uncles who hold Sol in the air like they're reenacting a scene from Lion King
  6. chocolatey brown dogs who give good hugs like it's their job
  7. good friends who I stay in contact with, regardless of how far away we live
  8. blue-eyed babies who wear camouflage and melt your heart
  9. Vanilla Java Porter
  10. MY JOB
  11. my old job (hear me out), which makes me that much more thankful for my current job.
  12. sunrises over marshes on foggy mornings
  13. men who wear vests and/or fedoras
  14. dark, quiet nights that force me to think about the good things in life
  15. bass players with full-blown Jesus beards
  16. Macbooks
  17. iPhones
  18. Honda Accords
  19. St. Michael Lutheran Church
  20. barefoot drummers who wear wolf shirts and drink pink martinis with salted rims
  21. FiveFingers
  22. candles that make my home smell like confectionery heaven
  23. frozen yogurt
  24. hitting all green lights when I'm late for work
  25. having a job that doesn't really care when I'm late for work
  26. good daycare 
  27. Dr. Sheldon Cooper
  28. episodes of Friends to which I know every word, but still make me roar with laughter
  29. my Nikon
  30. Dunder Mifflin (The Office)
  31. Tofurky
  32. the four seasons (nature, not music)
  33. stellar meat alternative products from Morningstar Farms
  34. glasses with thick black frames
  35. Mumford and all his sons
  36. Tofurky
  37. shopping trips in Ann Arbor
  38. Bierleins who live in SW Michigan :)
  39. Kalamazoo Beer Exchange
  40. microbrews
  41. Biggby coffee
  42. Target
  43. wi-fi
  44. hairdressers named Kristin who turn your hair blue (on purpose)
  45. Silk soymilk
  46. Pinterest.  PERIOD.
  47. Twilight Woods for men (handsoap for shizzle)
  48. the word "Word."
  49. vegetarian hippies at farmers markets
  50. my BOB.  helping me make sure *this* stays a 10 (ha. haha.)
  51. Facebook... yes, seriously.
  52. running trails
  53. pacifiers
  54. Downy Unstopables
  55. Modern Family
  56. forgiveness
  57. shopping malls
  58. Toms
  59. a job in which I can speak Spanish
  60. Pandora
  61. AE jeans
  62. watches
  63. Ninja blenders
  64. imagination
  65. Max Ehrmann's Desiderata
  66. The Nutcracker

And after I wrote this, I checked out my Thanksgiving list from 2010 - which is slightly embarrassing, yet shockingly similar.  Give it a read if you have time.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Leave a comment with something you're thankful for :)

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