Thursday, November 15


If my life were Friends, and this week were an episode, this week's title would be "The One Where Melanie Screws It All Up."  Sure, it could be worse, but it could certainly be better.  It was one of those weeks where nothing goes smoothly.

One of those weeks where you have to find backup daycare.  One of those weeks where the kitchen sink backs up and your dishwasher spits gross dishwater out onto the floor.  One of those weeks where you try to make mac & cheese in the crockpot, and you even shop in the fancy cheese section of the grocery store, and you spend hours slaving over the stove, only to screw it up by adding so many spices that everyone at the potluck says, "oh, did you put mustard in this?" instead of commenting on the brie and apple-smoked gruyere.  One of those weeks where you screw two people out of a Shutterfly deal because you forget your laptop charger at work.  One of those weeks where you make a vegan chocolate cake in the crockpot, using Splenda instead of sugar and olive oil instead of vegetable oil, and [oh yes] it ends up tasting just as disgusting as it sounds.  One of those weeks where there are TWO funerals you wish you could go to, but you just can't.  One of those weeks where you come into work to an onslaught of emails and phone calls regarding a crisis that will shut down the plant, and for which you're solely responsible, and there are meetings set up for next week to discuss the "issue" ("issue" meaning you), and you end up having to write an explanatory email to all the top managers in the company.  One of those weeks where you singlehandedly dissolve a great relationship with one of the best friends you've had in a long time, all over some stupid mishap.  Just one of those weeks.

If there's a magic potion that turns me into Wonder Woman, or if I can buy a week's worth of "everything goes right" on Amazon, please - someone - let me know.  I could use a week of things going smoothly.  To all the people who expected mac and cheese but instead got mac and mustard, I'm sorry.  To the gals who lost out on the Shutterfly deal they wanted, I'm sorry.  To my friends who expected me to show up at their dads' funerals, I'm sorry.  To my colleagues whose jobs got 1,000x harder today because we ran out of 1-gallon bottles, I'm sorry.  To the friend I alienated (you know who you are), I'm sorry.

I guess you don't always realize how every little action will affect someone else until your actions already have affected others.  Until you serve macaroni and mustard to a bunch of coworkers.  Maybe no one noticed the overwhelming mustard flavor.  Maybe your good friend doesn't care that you haven't spoken all week.  Maybe a crock of gross chocolate cake is better than no cake at all.  Maybe just chalk this week up as a loss and move on.  Maybe just wake up and try again tomorrow.  Maybe next week will be better.

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  1. Oh no! I hope the next week went better for you. I hate those weeks. :( Although to your credit, your week sounds highly more ambitious than mine!