Friday, November 9



Five Good Things...

Good Thing #1:

A flexible job that works around me.  The Sol child is sick today, and had to be picked up early from daycare.  Thankfully I'm able to work from home this afternoon, no questions asked.  So Sol and I are colleagues this afternoon, changing the world one kilo of oregano at a time . Rah rah rah.

Good Thing #2:

The following clip from Wednesday's episode of Modern Family.  It's a rewind-and-watch-over-again-at-least-15-times-and-laugh-out-loud-every-time kind of clip.  Trust me, you'll love it.

Good Thing #3:

A baby who laughs so hard at me patting my leg that it makes her snort.

Good Thing #4:

My new Kindle Paperwhite, courtesy of one of my suppliers (woot woot!).  And the first book I bought on it?  A Gift of Wings, by my own dear friend Stephanie Stamm.  It's right up there with the Twilight series, and it was written by my friend.  If you like Twilight (and maybe even if you like 50 Shades), READ THIS BOOK (you can buy an e-book here).  I know Stephanie personally, and I'm incredibly proud of her - what a tremendous accomplishment!

Good Thing #5:

The occasional 8:45pm bedtime.  Yeah, you heard me.  8:45.  I was apparently too tired last night to stay up until 9:00.  Something is clearly whipping the energy out of me. 

...and one good song

(one of my faves)

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