Friday, April 11


I know I've been absent.

I'm sorry.  Believe me, I miss this beautiful little piece of the World Wide Web -- this perfect little haven where my thoughts flow freely through my fingers tapping away on an overused keyboard in the hopes of sharing the highs and lows, the funny and the not-so-funny, the triumphs and tears of this little circus I call Life.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I've been ridiculously swamped.  Especially at work.  And when I'm not at work, I'm caring for Sol.  When I'm not with Sol, I'm attending MBA classes (insert various 4-letter expletives here).  When I'm not attending classes, I'm working on reading a stack of books for my management class, or translating Corporate Finance into a language I understand (because oh yes, for some reason I thought I could whiz through 2 classes in one semester, while working full-time and being a full-time single mom).  When I'm not reading or studying, I'm taking an exam or writing a paper.  And somewhere in there, I feed myself and Sol, and somewhere in there our laundry gets done.  And I think the dishes have been washed once or twice in the last few months.

Busy, right?

But not busy enough.  Because a couple months ago I decided to sit down with my good friend Brandon and sign some papers.

And then a couple weeks ago I decided to sit down with him and sign some more papers.  Followed by a little happy dance in front of a building that looked a little something like this:

Doesn't YOUR realtor take selfies??
 Oh yeah, on top of everything else I decided to buy a house.  The process?  Smooth and relatively easy.  (<--bonus!!)

For a first-time homebuyer who's already got her fair share of stress on a daily basis, 'smooth and easy' is music to my ears.  So every morning I've been packing my car with a laptop, a Corporate Finance book, a Jekyl-and-Hyde 2-year-old, and a trunkload of little things in the interest of moving a mountain one stone at a time.
  *the 'mountain' being our household, the 'stone' being a trunkload of 'why do I even have this in the first place??'

Smooth sailing indeed... until I headed over there a few days ago and found this:

Obviously my first thought was Yard Crashers.  Wasn't that nice of the City to come and give my landscaping a makeover?  Clarification: they were not Yard-Crashing my casa... they were fixing a broken water main that just happened to be right-smack-dab in my front yard.  Tore. That. Place. UP.
Water mains aside, the process was smooth and easy. 

And it's been intense.  Like, I can't even really confirm that I've managed anything over the last couple weeks.  It's been late nights and early mornings and waking up at the kitchen table at 1am, face-first in finance homework, and breakfast in the car and late-again-to-work and personal budgets and budget reviews and budget re-reviews and 'Do I really want to sign that?' and toddler tantrums and falling face-first into my actual bed with all my clothes on because I'm mentally and physically exhausted.

But last night was different.  Last night, we were home.  In a place that doesn't feel quite like home just yet, but it's most definitely got potential.  Our living room consists of a couch and a TV on a shelf and 2 fake plants that we inherited from the former residents and I just can't wait to get rid of.  My bed is there and Sol's bed is there. My dresses are on their hangers but laying on the floor, and I can't find Sol's diapers to save my life.  Our cupboards are semi-stocked but I'm not sure what to make for dinner or when to make it (hooray for Taco Bell).  The floors are wooden and creaky and the plaster walls are not painted to my liking just yet.  I'm still not always sure what's flashing in the hallway at 2am (smoke detector, by the way).  The basement is sort of very creepy and I'm terrified to park in the garage yet because I can't even remember the last time I parked in a garage and can I even maneuver the car correctly?

But we're home.  Finally home.  We've survived so much unplanned, but Sol and I are finally realizing a PLAN.  2-year-old Sol will finally (for the first time) sleep in a room that was chosen and painted specifically for her, and this summer she'll be playing in a backyard that was basically selected with her in mind (10 bonus points for the mini-playground in our backyard).  We're home.

So last night, I sat with Sol in a surreally silent living room that contained a sofa, a TV, 2 house plants, and a whole lotta love.  We snuggled next to a cozy fire and ate fresh-baked oatmeal raisin cookies and washed them down with water and read Monster Nursery Rhymes and (as always) Good Night Moon.  I sat there and smoothed her hair and told her about everything I want for her, and all the adventures I envision us having in this new house.  We sat there, the two of us, mother and daughter, and we were finally home.

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  1. That is so aweaome!! and exciting! and scary haha! I'm super happy for you both! Love reading about all your adventures!