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Here's a throwback. The last time I tossed around a FGTF was in May.  MAY!  Yeeks. Some of my favorite FGTF's have featured things like:
I sooooo wish I had been able to capture The Essence of Sol this morning, but I didn't even think to try and get a video of it (I need to work on that).  Which brings me to... 

...Good Thing #1:  Babies dancing in the car

Fact: I have zero rhythm.
Fact: Sol is probably gonna follow in my footsteps there (no pun intended).
Fact: She loves to dance regardless.
Fact: I'm her biggest fan.

Today, as we were headed to daycare/work, we were jamming to some music, and (as per usual), Sol was dancing.  Well... she was trying.  She had her big ol' winter coat on, strapped into her carseat (so basically just puffy cushioning all the way around this poor child), and really all she could do was move her arms up and down.  No turning of the head, no bouncing of the legs (not sure why), just one little lady, packed so very tightly into a carseat, moving her arms up and down to the beat of Elvis Costello's "Pump It Up."  Priceless.  Annnnnnd I didn't get a video of it.

But I have a consolation prize.  Not quite the same: it's an early-summer Sol bopping along to Sir Elton John.  A long video, so you don't have to watch the whole thing (unless you're my mom, and in that case you probably will watch the whole thing... thrice).

Good Thing #2: Mediocre-to-fair performance in semester 1 of my MBA program

I've been in school for 2 months and it's going pretty well.  I'm truly-and-honestly excited for Wednesday nights, when I head off to the local university to get my learnin' on.  Sol is in the care of someone fab (sister or friend), while I'm filling my brain with semi-useless knowledge about classic vs. contemporary theories on global economic growth.  Thanks, Dr. Q.  I don't know where I'd be without Porter's Diamond.  <enter sarcastic comment here>.

But seriously, it's going well.  I'm studying hard, spending a wee bit of time in the library thumbing through academic journals (a real treat), and compiling some information that somehow needs to blend together to create a 15-page masterpiece on Product Safety Issues in Chinese Imports.  Riveting stuff.  Hooray for academia.

Good Thing #3: A full house

Last night I had the pleasure of hosting our dear friend Leah for dinner.  Aside from that, my lovely friend Sarah had asked if I could watch her daughter for a bit.  So our usually-quiet home went from boring to bustling in a matter of minutes after I got home yesterday!  So much noise (mostly good, some screaming/crying/general-madness), and despite those few moments where my dear Sol was *thisclose* to making me pull my hair out, I was so happy.  I had a full house and a full heart.  Ahhhhh, good friends make for a good life.

Good Thing #4: Visits from my family

Sol and Papa K
I think, somehow, I haven't made it quite clear how special my family is.  They're pretty wonderful, and I have no doubt that anyone in my family would drop anything to help me.  Grandma CC, Aunt Manda, and Baby A-Rod were in town last weekend.  And what a hectic, crazy, fabulous weekend it was... So many little legs scrambling about, so many little mouths squealing in delight and frustration and basically anything that a tiny person would squeal about.  I had a chance to head out to a movie (Prisoners) with my sister (one of my all-time favorite activities) and eat our fill of popcorn and M&M's (try it sometime).  It was a terrifying, disturbing movie.  I didn't sleep for 2 days.  I digress.  We're expecting a visit from my dad this weekend.  Family time + fall weather = fabulous.

Good Thing #5: New friends

Blogging has become a sort of therapy for me; a great outlet for those times when life seems to be spinning out of control.  My blog keeps my family in the loop on my life with Sol, and my words have (somehow) inspired people here and there.

What's more, my writing has also introduced me to some new friends.  Most recently, a new friend who asks to come over and make dinner for my daughter.  And makes fish-faces with her (one of Sol's most recently-acquired talents) in between chopping mushrooms, sauteing onions, scooping sorbet, and doing the dishes.  A new friend who is smart and interesting, and seems to be genuinely compassionate.

A new friend who leaves things like this on my doorstep:

  And who requests a follow-up dinner by way of messages like this:
P.S.: I've been thinking about risottos lately, how about a zucchini one on Sunday evening? Served with Chilean Merlot, but only if you have nothing better to do...
And whose first language is not English, which compels me to download an app on my iPhone to try and learn his native tongue in hopes of wowing him with my brilliance, but leads me to send him an email which he sends straight to Google Translate, and along with some kind editorial comments (e.g. 'That's creative writing! Seriously, you did quite well. I'm surprised because you obviously did not count on any assistance.'), our new friend has formatted into the following story: 


"The curious case of a hungry couple, a literate boy, 
his pen pal girlfriend, and... the mysterious fishing guy" 
 By Mel Bierlein 
Revised and Translated by Google Translate

 Once upon a time...

A man drinks a bottle of water. A Mühler eats a stretcher. They eat and drink. They like (it).
The boy writes a letter. The girl lee (reads?) the letter. He's a good boy. She's a good girl.
I like the stretchers. We like the cards.
I am a Mühler and you are a man. We read the newspaper. We speak.

Eso es. Bye! What tenga a good day :) And sheltered by her "fishing guy"

The End.



The end indeed.  
New friends are exciting, aren't they?

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