Friday, May 17


Yes, that was Five/Thirteen.  
Yes, these posts are usually titled "Five Good Things Friday."
Yes, there is a method to today's madness.
Good things come in fives this week. 

Once upon a time, my papa and mama were blessed with three beautiful girls.  
[seriously, have you ever seen this much perm, puffy paint, or turtleneck in one photo??]

Two of those beautiful girls were blessed with beautiful girls of their own.
[we are all very big fans of Christmas, apparently]

Then one beautiful day in May, our sugar-and-spice world 
was infused with snips and snails and puppy-dog tails!!!


On 5/15, at 5:50 am, our beautiful family grew by 5lbs, 13 ounces.

See this gorgeous little man?

 World, meet my oh-so-unbelievably-very-handsome nephew.

This is Ashton Roderick.  
{ I think I'll call him A-Rod :) }
My sister Amanda, who has been an incredible aunt to 4 sweet little ladies,
is the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy!!!

Omg, I'm just so excited.
And that, my friends, is the backing behind this [entirely-center-aligned] post.

A-Rod was born on Wednesday.  Today is Friday.
I. Have. Been. Going. CRAZY. I just need to see this little dude.  
I need to hold him and kiss him and squeeze his wittle feetsies.
I miss that itsy-bitsy baby stage.
 I am clearly in a state of euphoria when I use words like "wittle," "feetsies," and "itsy-bitsy,"
since I absolutely refuse to use "baby talk" with my own child.

A-Rod and his awesome parents are all healthy and happy, 
and now Mama Mel has an actual reason to shop in the little boys' clothing department.

My beloved Ashton, you are SO loved.
Welcome to the world!  We have been waiting so impatiently to meet you!!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3

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