Friday, May 24

CHOOSE LOVE (our photo shoot by LemmonMade Photography)

Fabulous story:  A few weeks ago, my mom was shuffling through some children's items at a garage sale (hellloooooo, garage sale season!!).  She came across some 18m girls' clothes, held them up and said [out loud] to herself, "I wonder if these will fit Sol or Eloise..."

The woman running the garage sale rushed over and asked, "Who did you just say?"  

My mom, not thinking too much about it, said, "Oh, I was wondering if these might fit either of my granddaughters."

Says the lady: "But what were their names?"

My mom: "Sol and Eloise."

The lady: "Sol???  From the blog?  I know her!  I read about her all the time!  And Ellie, her cousin?  Oh, I love them!" 

>>  How about that?  Celebri-baby Sol !!  <<

If you've ever met Sol, it's hard to forget her.  She's sweet.  Funny.  Entertaining.  With her unique name and the [apparently] widely-read tales of our adventures as a mother-daughter duo, Cirque du Solaya has certainly opened up some doors.  With a large part of my support system (family/friends) across the state, our blog is a terrific way to stay in touch with all our loved ones and keep them in the loop on Solchop.  One of my most favorite things is running into someone somewhere, someone we've never met, and see them with Sol, gushing over how fabulous she is, how much they read about her.  My heart nearly bursts thinking about all the people she's never met, the people I've never met, who love my daughter so dearly.

We had such an encounter pretty recently.  A while ago, we connected with Stephanie -- who, by the way, moonlights as Wonder Woman, I'm sure of it... she's nothing short of impressive.  The sort of person you get to know, and then you step back and think, 'huh... and I thought I was busy...'  She's a wonderful person, inside and out: happily married and a hip/awesome mama to 3 little girls, outside of which she juggles a full-time job and teaches college courses.

AND she's the incredibly talented, award-winning photographer behind LemmonMade Photography.  Take one glimpse at her work.  You will melt.  Stephanie has this brilliance behind the lens: she can stand in front of anyone, camera in hand, and with one click of the shutter, she creates something from a dream.  She has the ability to extract every ounce of emotion, every trace of magic from her subjects, and preserve them in an image that practically whispers words of enchantment and wonder, love and pure bliss.

I was lucky enough to nail down a weekend where Sol and I could make a trip out to Detroit to experience Stephanie's talent firsthand (and to finally meet her!!).  After a long drive dotted with 2 or 3 Goldfish/apple juice pit stops, Sol and I met Stephanie and her adorable family.  We spent a few minutes gushing over one another's families [whom we've only seen over the internet], and then we headed out for our very first go at a portrait session.  I couldn't be happier.  Aside from having the opportunity to meet this amazing lady, I have some amazing photos.  Photos of Sol, photos of Sol and me, photos of love.  I just NEED to show them off :) 

**Check out the rest of our photos on her blog by clicking HERE**

pic name pic name pic name

Choose love. Every time.

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