Friday, April 19


So Sol learned this new trick.
It's called Peek-a-Boo.

She thinks it's aaaahhhh-mazing.  She does it a whole lot.  And with meaning.  With purpose.  The look of sheer surprise when she pulls her hands away from her eyes?  Priceless. And the barely audible *gasp* when the hands break free and we all experience the "boo" factor?  Gets me every time.

And it turns into quite a production.   She offers several showtimes, including (but not limited to) 6am, noon, 5:25pm, 6:45pm, and 8:30pm.

One of her favorite times to perform is after a meal (chick's all about dinner and a show), and her audience of choice is generally whomever is still present after dinner.

This is especially entertaining (read: Mama Mel grits her teeth and watches it happen) when we've eaten something that's terribly delicious and messy.  Like ravioli.  This gal and her ravioli... I swear, it's her mission to get ravioli on every square inch of the 3-foot radius in which she's plopped.  She's slowly transforming our home into Little Italy, one Peek-a-Boo performance at a time.

Oh, but I love my little ravioli monster.  Even when I'm combing it out of her hair before bathtime... pasta, marinara, cheese, all that good stuff.  Covered in Trader Joe's finest frozen pasta, she is awfully entertaining.

Molto bene, bambino!


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