Tuesday, February 5


I've got the world on a string; I'm sitting on a rainbow.
Good ol' Frank...
(aka Ol' Blue Eyes)

Have you ever had a day where your heart was so full of love, and your soul so full of joy, that they were no longer able to be contained in your physical body, and your heart and soul literally floated up above you and spent the entire day bouncing against the ceiling like some love/joy-filled helium balloon, and you almost felt like you were up there bobbing along on the ceiling, all full of love and joy, watching the scene unfold from above?

Well, that was me this past Saturday.

I can't even begin to describe the complete and utter bliss I felt this weekend -- although the psychedelic experience I described above comes pretty close to what I felt.

My life with Sol is positively delectable.  Raising Sol comes naturally; it's not scary at all.  I love our new apartment.  And I love my job.  Sol and I spend most of our time with good friends.  We are so blessed.

And to boot, this weekend I saw the physical manifestation of just how many people love my daughter.  She had the most amazing first birthday party, celebrated with all of our nearest and dearest (complete with a surprise visit from some friends, who drove in all the way from St. Louis!!).  None of us could possibly have left that party doubting whether Sol is loved.  She is most definitely loved, and loved well.
Three cheers for a beautiful life.

Pictured here with Uncle Rafiki...
and you can see why we call him that :)

Our invitation -- sent out wrapped in pink tulle [of course], in keeping with the 2/2 theme :)

Designed by yours truly :)

Of course, a smash cake for the Sol Child.
She was INTO IT.
Cake plate: homemade.  Candle holder for base, embossed plate for "plate,"
glued together and spray-painted yellow.  Badabing, badaboom.

Since her birthday is 2/2, naturally I had to incorporate tutus somehow into the theme of the party.  
So I made her this fabulous rainbow tutu.

And with the many tulle remnants, I was able to make these adorable (and super easy) streamers by tying bits of tulle onto satin ribbons.

I spent far too much time baking rainbow colored treats... 
but they made the occasion just as colorful as I wanted it to be!
(all cake plates DIY'ed)

But my prized confection that day: the cake.
It looks so common from the outside...


...but inside was all ROYGBIV and whatnot.  Sittin' on a rainbow indeed.


And at a whopping 6 layers tall, the cake fell over [naturally].

And I'm not even the tiniest bit upset about it!!!
Look carefully: in the stainless bowl in this photo,
we have birthday cake ice cream!  Leftover rainbow cake pieces,
crumbled up and mixed in with softened vanilla ice cream.
The flag bunting was custom-made for the party, courtesy of our friend Jessica at SoVerySplendid.

Another fabulous item from Jessica at SoVerySplendid
a custom-made letter S -- in a sunny yellow, with uber-fun striped fabric to make it pop!

Also special-ordered for the party: this adorable ruffle-butt diaper cover, 
another SoVerySplendid creation! 
How adorable is this?  
I expect that we'll be featuring this rufflebutt in MANY photos :)





Sol and her [slightly bigger] twin, E-Machine

Seriously, we were SO excited for our party goodies from SoVerySplendid...
They fit PERFECTLY with the theme, and we got so many compliments!
Visit her Etsy shop HERE or her FB page HERE :)



  1. So impressive and fun to watch the party unfold! Amy Meyer!

  2. Awesome party and baby is looking so cute in that rainbow tutu. In my opinion, rainbow-colored treats are simply fantastic and going to try them for my kid’s birthday party at one of New York venues. Surely everyone is going to enjoy it.