Tuesday, February 12


Disclaimer: this was partly written on Friday, but not completed until today... because let's face it; that's just how things go around these parts.

What a wonderful February it's been.  Even though we're only 8 days into it (keep in mind... Friday was 2/8), February is quickly becoming my favorite month.  And here are 5 reasons why:

Good Thing #1: Residual happiness.
Residual happiness from December.  Residual happiness from January.  Residual happiness from this past weekend (Sol's birthday weekend).  And little to no residual negativity from past life events or people from my past.  I've recently come to realize just how lucky I am that Sol's father left us.  It's so easy to let go of the past and find happiness in our present and our future, and to move ahead.  There are some bumps along the way, sure, but it's like we've got this layer of protection around us.  A forcefield (Beth, I'm using your word) of family and friends who love and care about Sol and me, and who would give their right arm to make my daughter's life easier (but here's hoping you won't ever have to do that).  To anyone who's contributed to this residual happiness, I thank you EVER SO MUCH from the bottom of my happy heart.

Good Thing #2: My job.  (are you sick of this yet?)
My boss sent out an invitation last week for a celebratory function at a local establishment called The Hangar (I've written about that before...).  We've just completed a large project, and we needed to celebrate all our hard work.  So I showed up for the food and frivolity (and perhaps a beer or two).  And then my sister showed up with the Sol child.  It was like God had taken a bunch of my favorite people, put them in front of me, along with a plate of artichoke dip, and said, "Be happy."  And it was good.  I almost couldn't believe just how amazing my coworkers were... they they LOVED on my daughter.  And to end the fiesta, our COO took me aside and gave me a very heartfelt spiel about how happy he was to have me working there, and that he hoped I was happy working there, and they would do whatever they could to make my life as a working single mom easier.  [enter happy tears here]

Good Thing #3: My lunch date on Wednesday.
Sister, niece Ellie, Panera.  Nuff said.

Good Thing #4: S'mores at work.
Seriously... s'mores at work.  I had the bright idea to head out on my lunch and grab all the fixins for s'mores.

What has two thumbs and was an extremely popular person that day?


 Good Thing #5: Wonderful snowy days of a Michigan winter.

Friday gave us the most beautiful landscape here in SW Michigan... like every branch of every tree had been dusted with snow.  The world was soft and glistening, and the sky was bouncing back and forth between a glorious blue and an awesome gray.  So of course I grabbed my camera that morning on the way to work.  And on my lunch break, I donned my galoshes, popped in my earbuds, and headed out to the back forty (there are about 100 acres on the property here).  And unfortunately my laptop just died, so I don't have the very best photos to show off right this second... but I'll post more later.  There's nothing quite like a marshmallow world.

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