Monday, January 28


I'm sure you've been handed a lemon.  Lord knows we've all had a couple lemons handed to us along the way.  When you're holding that newfound lemon, it seems awfully sour -- maybe even too sour to do anything useful with.  That sour lemon ruins you, and you find yourself exuding the same sourness to the world around you.

But then every so often, once you're able to tear your eyes away from the lemon in your hand and look up, you'll see that there's a whole world of lemon-toters around you.  Some people are clutching just one little lemon in their hand, while others are balancing a couple lemons in each hand.  And some people are breaking their backs, straining and struggling to lug around an entire sack of lemons.  Everyone's got them.

Some lemons are small, and some lemons are much bigger; but regardless of its size, every lemon is sour.  If you ever have a day that feels like a lemon is taking over your world, stop clutching that lemon so hard and look up.  Look at the people standing next to you.  Look at the people rushing past you.  I guarantee you'll see a world of yellow.  We all have our own demons to battle.  We all have our own regrets.  We all have our own broken hearts, our own fears and self-doubts.  We all have our own story.

We all have lemons.  Never allow yourself to feel that yours is the only lemon in the world.  Never allow yourself to wallow in the bitterness of the hand you've been dealt.  Maybe misery really does love company.  And maybe that's okay.  If we're all dealing with lemons, maybe we can find comfort in knowing that we're not alone.  Maybe it's a good reality check to glance at the world around you and realize just how small your own problems are.  Look around and see how blessed you are.

Sometimes lemons aren't so bad after all.

(but sometimes they're pretty flippin' sour...)


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