Thursday, January 17


I promise this will be my last "woe-is-me" post about my phone.  I still don't care much for my Blackberry, but it's about time I quit bellyaching about it.

**Oh, cue the violin... Boo hoo, I don't like my free phone, 
my wallet's too small for my fifties, and my diamond shoes are too tight!**

But seriously, the one thing I miss terrrrrribly... my iPhone clutch.  This is by far the best invention ever known to mankind:

You pop your phone in the RH side, slide your ID and your credit cards in the LH side, and BAM!  All the essentials, right there in your hand.  It's the coolest thing, and I get so many comments on it when I whip that bad boy out at a cash register.  Complete with a wrist strap, it's impossible to drop (even for an uber-klutz like me), and it's super easy to throw in your laptop bag for work, or the diaper bag if you're on your way somewhere, baby-on-board.  Super convenient, and it allows you to carry ONE LESS BAG (a must-have for mamas, I promise).

My new phone does not fit in this same clutch.  And I've gotten rid of all my purses.  So at this moment in time, I'm carrying a Blackberry and a phone-less phone clutch (I'm the epitome of cool).  But during a shopping trip the other night, I grabbed Sol, my phone, and my keys, and bopped on into the store.  We were about 3/4 of the way through our expedition when I realized I didn't bring my "wallet" (my phone-less phone clutch).  Awesome.  I was so used to grabbing my phone and heading out the door that I didn't realize I had no money with me.  #shoppingtripfail

So I need a purse now.  I looked for a similar "phone clutch" for my new phone.  But it just won't be the same.  I think I'm going to have to get a real purse.  And not just any purse... it has to be a mom-friendly purse (oh gag me, I just said the words "mom-friendly").  I don't want a giant bag the size of a carry-on, but I can't have just any teeny clutch, because it does have to fit my Blackberry.

Decisions, decisions...  Any suggestions?

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