Tuesday, January 29


So in a previous post, I mentioned that I was going to keep my Christmas decorations up until January 25.  And I had every intention to take down my Christmas tree on January 25.  I'm a big proponent of Christmas decor, and I'm all for celebrating Christmas for one whole month post-holiday.  Fa la la.  Sol was well aware of the Jan 25 Plan, but she was apparently too geeked to get that Christmas tree DOWN earlier than Mama had planned.  So she felled our poor little tree on Thursday, January 24, and demolished a couple ornaments to boot.  My question is this: how did the tree survive all of November, all of December, and almost all of January without this little monster pulling it down?  But the day before I was going to take it down, she decided it was time to go?  Oh Sol, I will never understand.  Regardless, I took that as my cue to rid my office of its decorations [single tear].  Well... almost all the decorations.  I kept my lights up, but took down my "Tis the Season" sign, the garland, the wreath, the doorknob jinglies... it was a sad day in my office. 

Gone is the Christmas-y garland... hello, flag bunting.

A couple weekends ago, Sol and I accompanied Mr. Blue Eyes to the metropolis of Grand Rapids.  Long story short, we were shopping at the North Face store in GR for Mr. Blue Eyes [due to some stellar customer service policy from The North Face], and we decided to go to the Green Well for lunch -- a quaint little gastropub that each of us had visited in the past, and one that receives rave reviews [for good reason].  I had always gotten amazing food and fantastic service there, and so had once emailed the general manager to tell him what a great job they were doing.  He asked me to let him know next time we were planning on making another visit there, so naturally I emailed him to inform him that we would be stopping through.  A table was reserved for us, and we got the greatest service I think I've ever received in a restaurant.

Coupled with the phenom beer and the out-of-this-world-tasty food, I was blown away, once again.  To start, Blue Eyes and I shared the vegetarian potstickers [aka "heaven in dumpling form"] and a couple samplers of their draft beer.  As an entree, Blue Eyes ordered the barbecued brisket, and I ordered the roasted vegetable quinoa salad [he said the brisket was the best barbecue he's ever had... ehmmmm.... I liked my quinoa a whole lot].  And for dessert, we found ourselves melting into a pecan pie with gelato from a local creamery.  Oh.  Em.  Geeeee.  If you're EVER in the GR area, check this place out.  You won't be sorry.  [oh, and you can ask to have the chefs whip up a non-menu item, if you're really adventurous...]

Veggie potstickers / beer sampler
Quinoa salad... mmmm...
Dessert.  Always a good choice.

 Last week they erected this wonderful monstrosity in the hallway of my building at work.  This is a huuuuge map of the world - about 7x12 feet.  And somehow, missing Hawaii... but I guess you don't need Hawaii.  [or do you?]  And this week, someone added post-it notes to remind us where we are [as well as mobile post-its to show where we'd like to be, and where we wouldn't like to be].  Gotta love this place.

So remember last week, when we grabbed some wood for the fireplace down here and we were going to fire up that bad boy, but it was halfway through the workday and we rescheduled fire premiere for Monday, blah blah blah?  Well, last week would have been PERFECT, since it was an average of 3 degrees outside every day.  This week?  Temps in the high 50's.  So that means no fire here.  Sad face.

Flame-less fireplace.  Big thumbs DOWN.

In other news, I'm working on preparing things for Sol's first birthday party.  ONE YEAR, yo.  Where did the time go?  Who stole my teeny tiny baby and dropped this child in my life?   She's got 8 teeth [4 on top, 4 on bottom], and she's standing up on her own more and more every day.  Stop it.  But that comes with the territory when you've got a 1-year-old, I guess.  So I worked on this tutu for her, but she crawled around in it like a giant loofah.  So after a few minor alterations, it looks much better on Solchop.  Woot.

Finally, check out this video I found yesterday.  How adorable is this?  Makes you want to love on love a little bit.

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  1. That tutu is looking fab! :)

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