Tuesday, January 15


O Sweet Tuesday, let me ramble.

So this girl has been all about Olive Garden lately.  Not that I've been there recently, but I've been craving it like mad.  I think I've been listening to a little too much Lou Monte {try this video -- careful, you may begin craving bottomless breadsticks}.  Luckily all the Italian stars aligned: Sol bought Mama Mel a gift card to OG for Christmas {oh Sol, how did you ever know??}.  And then on Friday, Mr. Blue Eyes suggested we go out to dinner -- with the kiddos. 

He said "How about Olive Garden?" 

... and the angels sang something that sounded like Dean Martin. 

{the man knows the way to my heart. and that way looks looks like a bowl of 5-cheese ziti.} 

We were walking back to our table, each toting a child; the hostess looked at us and said, "Awww, twins!"  
And we said, "Nope."  And she looked at us funny.  And we did not elaborate. 

... oh, this is going to be fun.  and amusing. 

Olive Garden was easy.  Breadsticks and some pasta with alfredo for the wee ones, and we were some happy campers.  Sol adores going out to eat.  My mom's coworker pointed out that "this girl has been to more bars and restaurants in one year than the average adult has ever been to!"  Well, I'm just not going to be that lady who doesn't go out and do things "just because I have a baby."  Oh no, I can maintain a MiniMonster and a social life at the same time, folks.  And now that she's able to eat a lot of the same foods that I do, it makes going out SO much easier.  Sol is really into eating crunchy things - like cookies or big hunks of cereal.  And her motto when it comes to cookies: "Go big or go home."  

Look at her.  She's so pretty.

So one of Sol's favorite things to do lately is clap.  Applause fills our house.  When I set food in front of her, she claps.  When she sees the Christmas tree {which is still up and will remain so until January 25, fyi}, she claps.  When she looks in the mirror, she claps.  When I drop all the forks when emptying the dishwasher, she claps.  When I burn myself on the stove and exclaim something that I probably shouldn't, she claps.  It's like having my own private cheering section at home.  I highly recommend it. 

Okay, cute bath baby alert.  I recently joined the amazing I-Give-My-Baby-a-Bath-in-the-Kitchen-Sink Club.  And it's magnificent.  Broken back, be gone.  We like us some stainless steel and scrubby brushes.

In other news, my daughter has been keenly interested in doorstops.  Aunt Liz and Uncle G have one at their house, and Sol is all over that thing.  So Uncle G was kind enough to make the following toy for Sol for Christmas. 


And speaking of such gifts, I just realized that I never posted any pics of our Christmas.  Here goes.

See below: the only time she was interested in opening a gift {from Aunt Kenny and Uncle Rafiki}.  A couple things to note: her French-cuffed jeans {courtesy, again, of Uncle G}; also, the brightly-hued stuffed monster in the back.  I've searched for a year for the cutest, softest, most feminine monster toy.  
And I found one at Bwinks Etsy shop {check it out, she makes tons of other adorable plush toys}.  So far it looks like this purchase was a big fat bust, because Sol couldn't care less about that little monster.  Live and learn, I guess.  Maybe next year I'll just hire Uncle G to shop for her at Lowe's, since apparently she's only into hardware.

Sol and Aunt Kenny

Also, a few pics from our visit to Santa!  I did NOT want to go to the shopping mall to stand in line for 2 hours and pay $25 for a 5x7 of my daughter with some man.  No thank you.  And I didn't want to go alone.  So we wrangled up Aunt Liz, Uncle G, and cousin Ellie, and we went downtown to Santa's Workshop.  Pros: it's free, we waited about 4 minutes, and you can take as many photos as you want.  Score.

And some photos of our Christmas weekend :)


One very important announcement:  as of today, I am officially the proud owner {wait, proud? what?} of a Blackberry.  My job has issued me a Blackberry, so my poor little iPhone is no longer in commission.  No more touchscreen keyboards, no more syncing with my Macbook, no more Happy Apple Life for me.  I just handed over my iPhone to the IT guy to have my contacts transferred over.  a)  I feel lost without my phone, and b) he's going to come back with a Blackberry for me.  Blackberries belong in smoothies and in pies; they do not belong in the cellular world.  Single tear.
Me: [patting my phone affectionately] Goodbye, dear phone.  I'll miss you.
IT guy: Seriously? I'm bringing it back.  You get to keep the phone.  Get over it.  
Me: You're right.  I can still take it to lunch and stuff.  Maybe I'll sleep with it under my pillow.
IT guy: ... Don't you have a daughter?  Maybe you should snuggle up with her at night and not worry so much about your phone.
Me: Oh, it was a joke.  Maybe.  [shaking head] IT guys...

Finally, I am so excited to announce that 2 of my readers won something from the amazing Wish Baby Registry promo I mentioned in a previous post!  Gift baskets {worth $250 each} and an evening of wining and dining in the Venetian {except she's pregnant, so it'll be more dining than wining}.  If you didn't enter that giveaway, I'm sorry to say you lost out on a great opportunity... but don't worry, there will be more!!!

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