Tuesday, December 11


It's Tuesday!


First off, look how big my MiniMon is getting!  I picked her up from daycare last week and she had a ponytail... hard to believe it's been 10 (yes, TEN) months!

^^ channeling Cindy Lou Who

  A few weeks ago the Sol child went to her 9-month appointment.  We got shots.  We were sad.  Well, she was sad.  I was sort of geeked that she was adequately inoculated by the standards set by the State of Michigan.

 You know what's reaaaalllly good?  Real carrots.  Not the fake baby carrots that are bleached beyond recognition and pressed into nubby little hunks.  Real carrots.  If you haven't had a REAL carrot in a while, do yourself a favor and try one.  They're so sweet... I almost forgot about real carrots.

Last week my sister and I ran a 5k - the Run Through the Lights in downtown Kzoo.  It was more of a "run through the sketchy neighborhoods" than "through the lights," but whatever.  People get CRAZY dolled up for this run, and Liz and I were no exception.  I donned as many red and green clothes as I could find, and Liz and I strapped some battery-operated Christmas lights to our persons, and we were off.  Then we went for dinner and a beer afterwards, still in our hodge-podge holiday outfits, Christmas lights still ablaze, and of course I saw some people from work.  They asked me if I lost a bet.  Awesome.  And in keeping with the holiday spirit, I found these uber-fabulous Christmas-color rhinestones that I wanted to put on my face.  They wouldn't stick to my face, so of course I pulled out the superglue (and my mom will tell you I've been banned from superglue since 2001) and adhered them.  Stuck 'em on real nice and good.  THAT, ladies and gents, is a mistake you make only once.  Note to self: supergluing anything to one's face is poor planning.

Liz told me I looked like an Indian princess at Christmastime.
I'll take that as a compliment... though I'm not sure it was one.
 Last week we had an office Christmas party/gift exchange over lunch (Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, Chinese Christmas, etc... pretty much whatever derogatory name you can think of for a "random gift exchange").  Ant it was fabulous.  We had these uber cool Solo cups where you could scratch your name into the side of them.  AWESOME.  And I got a "Christmas survival kit," complete with a bottle of wine and goodies from a local shop called The Cheese Lady.  And lately I've been all kinds of interested in fancy cheeses (which are so not vegan, but at least they're vegetarian).  So this camper was a happy camper.

 This past Sunday I took MiniMon to an urgent care center; little lady had an ear infection.  The doctor who saw us looked just like Santa Claus (and yes, I actually do believe it was him), and he told us Merry Christmas {whoa}.  I had the very best service I've ever had at this particular center (for the record, Kzoo-ians, it was Hometown Urgent Care).  They were fast, VERY friendly (something you don't get often at an after-hours doctor's office), and today I even got a follow-up phone call to ask how Sol was.  I would go back there any day. Thank you, Dr. Santa.

I went for a run on my lunch break today, and my shoes were digging into my ankles.  It was sunny... sort of cold, but decent enough.  So I took my shoes off and carried them the rest of the way.  And ran barefoot.  {if I never had to put another shoe on again for the rest of my life, I'd die happy}
It turned out okay, and I was fine for the duration of the run.  When I got back to the office, however... I realized the toll it had taken.  That's gonna hurt for the next few days... So will the blister on the other foot.  That'll teach me to run barefoot in December.



And with that, I'm out.  Talk soon :)

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