Friday, December 28


This has been the longest 3-day week of my life.  THE LONGEST.  There are exactly 4 other cars in the parking lot at work, which means there are exactly 4 other people in my building.  It's quiet.  Creepy quiet.  And if you know anything about me, you know that I CAN'T handle the quiet.  So this week has blessed my office with a whole lotta Pandora up in here.  (btw... did you know that there's a cap of 100 stations one can have on Pandora?  and yes, I know that from experience)

Good Thing #1: Having time to go through the holy-wow-mega-crazy lot of photos on my phone.  
Yes, the phone I've had for four months.  And yes, the phone that's nearly maxed out its storage.  I suppose that's an occupational hazard when you're a parent who dabbles in social media.  So far I've deleted about 847 photos from my phone, and there are PLENTY more to toss.  It was embarrassing to see how many pics I've taken of food.  Laughable, even.

Seriously?  How interesting is that plate of pita chips, Lanie?  #facepalm.

Good Thing #2:  UNCLES.  

Uncles who give good high-fives.

Uncles who have brilliant [real] smiles and wear bottles on their fingers.

Uncles who hold Sol in the air like they're Rafiki.

Uncles who look like lumberjacks and like a good beer just as much as we do.

Uncles who pretend to eat my baby with a giant fork and knife.

Good Thing #3:  A mini-me who gets uber-excited whenever the Big Bang Theory theme song comes on.

Good Thing #4:  That same mini-me, who allows Mama to shove a stocking cap on her head and take multiple photos in an attempt to capture that perfect "oh we're so cool" moment.

Good Thing #5:  (in two parts)
A. coming home to packages at my front door (which apparently arouses such an incredible WOW factor that I have to take a photo each time...)

Buuuuuut this segues into 5b:

B. opening up a package to reveal just how much of a nerd you truly are. 
Star Trek iPhone cases,
light-up Star Trek bib,
light-up Starship Enterprise baby spoon,
and Star Trek onesie.

But hey, Sol LOVES being a nerd!  Just try to have a boring meal when you're eating yams from the USS Enterprise.  Going boldly where no baby food has gone before.  Thank you for the ideas, Uncle Todd :)

And a video: '
a stop-action compilation of the trials and tribulations of not-so-fine motor skills.  

Possible title: 
"Champions of Wearing Hard Plastic Bibs With Giant Pockets on the Fronts of Them."

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