Thursday, December 27


Quick, 10 points if you can connect the dots between the following photos.  





Give up?

Okay, one more pic.



What about now?

If you guessed "oh, Melanie strapped MiniMon in her high chair, then grabbed a kitchen chair, a flashlight, a broom, and went out to the dumpster to look through the trash she took out the night before because she couldn't find the external hard drive she got for Christmas," you'd be spot-on.  Because... guess what?  That's EXACTLY what happened.  In my defense, however, I tried to avoid it.  Here's the deal: when we got home from Christmas weekend, this is what our living room looked like:

You can imagine how long it took to unpack and organize everything, especially considering my energetic child, my own lack of energy, and the "it's-Christmas-and-I'm-not-going-to-do-any-more-work-than-I-have-to" esprit de corps that's been radiating throughout our tiny home.  So once I got everything unpacked and boxes/bags taken out to the dumpster, I realized I was missing something: my external hard drive.  The Holy Grail of my Christmas gifts this year.  (seriously? a hard drive=Holy Grail? when did that metamorphosis happen?)  I texted my family, asked them to look through their things, but unfortunately nothing turned up.

So there it was.  My last resort.  There are things in life that THIS chick never thought she would have to do, yet somehow ended up doing them anyway (raising a baby alone, anyone?).  Digging through a dumpster was one of those things.  But all these bytes of storage were calling my name, and I needed them badly.  I was sad that Joleen was out of town, because I feel like if you're forced to dig through a dumpster, you  should at least have company.  Sort of a "two's company, one's just sad" situation.  But alas, there I was, alone, standing in my rubber boots on my kitchen chair in the 6pm darkness, dangling a flashlight from my wrist and using a broom to poke through the boxes I had thrown out the night before (luckily no one else had taken out their trash since then, so I really didn't have much digging to do).  Nothing pumps up the ego quite like this.

Oh, and what's the hardest thing about digging through a dumpster for a lost external hard drive?  Coming up empty-handed.  And going back inside to find a text from your mom, saying that she found the hard drive beneath the tree skirt. 

This day was one big fat fail.  But on the bright side, I have one trillion bytes waiting for me at my mom's house...

ALL THIS for one terabyte.

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