Tuesday, November 13


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth?

This weekend Joleen and I had a project.
The video below is Sol's first time seeing the fruits of our labor.  Pure elation.

I bet you reacted the same way the first time you saw one, too.

And don't judge me.  Last year I put my tree up on November 1.  
I waited a whole 10 days longer this year.
Go me.

Whooo wants an owl tree topper?  I do, that's who.
But unfortunately it wouldn't stay on the $%^* tree.
So this sad little owl is going back to Target...

...which is okay, because Sol loooooves Target at Christmastime!
(yes, that's garland, courtesy of Aunt Joleen)
This weekend was also the Kzoo Holiday Parade.  Which was phenomenal.
Here's Aunt Liz and Eloise... with Santa in the background!
I made the mistake of going to Hobby Lobby on my lunch break yesterday.
Nothing will empty your pocketbook like Hobby Lobby during the holidays.
On a random side note, I ate a pomegranate the other night.
At first I thought, Why don't I eat these more often? And then I tried to peel it and remove the seeds.
Oh yeah, that's why I don't do it more often. 30 minutes later, it was ready to eat.
What's the best part about eating a pomegranate?
I am not a patient person.

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