Tuesday, November 6


I've been swamped at work.  Therefore, very little rhyme or reason to the ramblings today.  ...But isn't that how it should be?

First things first... look at what I'm dealing with now.  She learned about stairs.  What has two thumbs and is not ready for such a mobile baby?  THIS GAL.

This past weekend, I took MiniMon to Ann Arbor: a little hipster haven planted in eastern Michigan; a little slice of Pacific NW nestled in the midst of the Great Lakes.  Downtown is great.  The dining is fabulous.  And the grocery shopping is phenomenal.  Especially if you're a veg-head like I am.

Sol, my sister, my niece, and I arrived in Ann Arbor on Saturday morning, and met my mom and other sister in Sweetwater Cafe.  This lovely lass was sitting at the table next to them and just couldn't help but be all googly over my baby.  Smart lady.  My offspring is pret-ty cool.

I love the city Ann Arbor.
It has some fabulous stores.
Among those shops,
there's one that's the tops.
And it's called Hollander's.
(sorry, I know that was shaping up to be a perfect limerick but I just don't have time to rhyme too perfectly)
 But seriously, there's a store called Hollander's, and it sells paper.  And paper.  And more paper.  IT ROCKS.  I got something for my Wall of Whimsy, but I'll post that once it's framed and up on the wall!

Have you ever seen so much paper?

In Kerrytown (Ann Arbor), there's a store called Elephant Ears.  WARNING: DO NOT STEP FOOT IN THIS STORE IF YOU HAVE A CHILD, KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS A CHILD, IF YOU'RE PREGNANT, OR EVEN IF YOU JUST HAVE A HEALTHY OVUM.  It's filled with wonderful tiny things for wonderful tiny people.  Annnnnd they have this shirt: It's Cookie Monster.  In 3 languages.  #solneedsthis  Maybe I should just start a new blog called "Does Sol Need This?"

So we had to eat lunch.  And normally, when I go out to eat, it takes me about 2 seconds to choose what to order.  Because there are 2 vegetarian options in a sea of carnivorous grotesquities [yeah, I just made a word up].
But then you get to Ann Arbor.
And Melanie's party is waiting 30 minutes for Melanie to decide what vegetarian deliciosity [another new word] she's going to get. 
So while we wait, we order samples of different beers (because the beer list is a mile long too... don't even get me started on that). And we order the greatest rosemary-truffle oil french fries ever to touch human lips.  And then Melanie picks her poison: a chickpea-salad sandwich with cucumber yogurt sauce and roasted eggplant.  Ehrmehgerd.  AMAZING.

 Okay, and here's a video of Sol.  Remember how she used to spit her food back out at me?  Now it's the opposite.  She takes a bite, and immediately both her hands go up to her mouth to hold it in.  Can't figure this little lady out.  But it's entertaining, nonetheless.


 Now take a look at the following sequence of photos and tell me this isn't love.

 Also downtown, there is a bookstore called Falling Water.  It boasts many fabulous upside-down umbrellas.

 And it introduced me to the greatest book I've ever read.  It's called "C D B!"  by William Steig.  I died laughing.  And I quoted it (and attempted to make up my own version) for the remainder of the weekend.  The book has no words, just letters, but the letters (when read out loud) make sentences.  ie: C D B is "see the bee."  I M N-R-E is "I am Henry."  Just... ohmigosh. #solneedsthis

The below card was in Whole Foods.  Surrounded by cards that featured other quotes by famous people.  This says "Blow out your candles... happy birthday," by D.H. Lawrence.  Call me cynical, but I almost feel like that phrase isn't owned by him.  I feel like someone, somewhere, said that before him.  Maybe that's just me.

These cards were in a bathroom (weird, I know, but seen by almost everyone that way!).  What an amazing message to reinforce in the minds of women everyone.

 The following mints are the cutest little mints you'll ever see.  I got them in the mail from my bestie Kenny.  Aren't they adorbs?

 When in Ann Arbor... you shop at the Briarwood Mall.  I stumbled across these PJ's, and I feel like Sol just needs them.  There's sort of an inside joke associated with dinosaur pajamas, but they're fabulous regardless.  And yes, they're boys pajamas.  I have a tendency to not care which section of the store I'm shopping in when I'm shoppnig for Sol.  My excuse every time?  "It's gender neutral!"  My sisters' response: "No, Melanie... it's not."  #solneedsthis

My mom was in heaven.  Surrounded by her granddaughters, she was one HAPPY lady :)

Oh!  Oh!  Sol's first taste of Pinkberry!  Please see the following photos as a chain of events:
Sol tries Pinkberry, Sol's face shows that she does not care for the Pinkberry, Sol decides that maybe Pinkberry is okay, Sol wants more Pinkberry.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Just in case I didn't see enough cute things that Sol needed (ugh... Christmas shopping, anyone?) I stumbled across this luggage.  Sol and I will do TONS of traveling. I feel like monster luggage would just be an investment.
Side note: C D B?

And to relax at the end of a very tiring Monday, I made myself some dinner last night: strawberries, mango, kale, and agua.  MMMMMM.  :)



  1. Jolly Pumpkin for lunch? Good stuff--those fries are awesome!

  2. Oh my word-- what a cute book! Did you end up getting it!? :)