Wednesday, November 7


There's Sol, probably trying to
take her boots off.  Little monster.
Sol and I voted yesterday.  Lucky for me, my polling center was just across the road.

I thought, Why not walk?  Not only did I decide to walk, but then I thought, Who needs a stroller? I'll strap my baby onto the front of me with my Moby Wrap.

There's a lofty goal.  And a poorly planned one at that.  So I thought the polling center was right across the road.  Using Google Maps, looks like it's almost a half mile from my door to their door.  Which, on paper, is not all that far.  But it was dark and cold.  And there's a valley along the way - which literally forces me to walk "uphill both ways."  And I had a 22-lb pseudo-toddler strapped to the front of me with a 40-yard piece of fabric.  And I can't keep a shoe on this little lady to save my life (I have yet to find one shoe that will stay put on her chubby little feet).

We made it there regardless.  The poll workers all giggled at my sweet daughter strapped to my front, and they commented that she's almost as big as me (oh really, ladies?  I hadn't noticed).  I took a seat, 9-month-old babe still strapped to my chest, filled out my ballot, kicked myself for not bringing a pacifier with us (Sol was reallllly voicing her opinion in the nearly-empty gymnasium), grabbed a sticker, and hopped on out of there.

Well... "hopped" might be an exaggeration.  We waddled on out of there, and made it almost all the way home when I realized Sol had lost one of her brand new boots along the way.  So I had to backtrack, baby on board, and scour the sidewalk for her little pink boot.  And it was DARK.  Luckily there's an app for that :)  Flashlight on, Sol entranced, we found the boot not far from the polling center.  So then we waddled allthewaybackhome, my hands clasped around her feet to avoid another boot fiasco.  But we made it.  My hips were ready to give out and my back was ready to crack in half, but hey - I'm patriotic like that.

I fell asleep with Romney in the lead, and woke up with Obama in charge for the next four years.  And then I made the mistake of looking at my FB news feed.  Holy negativity.  I know I'm the 12,000th person to say this today... but COME ON, PEOPLE.  Despite what you may think, your bitterness and negative comments will NOT change the course of history.  Take a look at the numbers.  Half of our country voted against Obama, and half of our country is a little ticked at the outcome.  But Obama was re-elected.  Get over it.  (Personally, I'm just glad that Roseanne Barr wasn't chosen to run our country.)

Oh, and Dear Governor Romney: while you accepted your loss well enough, you could have at least prepared a concession speech.  And you could have delivered your concession speech with a shred more sincerity.  Your acting abilities leave much to be desired.  Thank God your livelihood depends more upon your jawline and personal values than your uber-artificial smile.  ...Shouldn't presidential candidacy be contingent upon one's ability to slap on a fake-but-sincere smile?

He's like a Greek God, a 90's Zeus,
radiating Grecian handsomeness.
Hmm.  Anyway, I'll break the streak of Republican negativity by saying that Uncle Jesse (Full House, not Dukes) is always a good way to feel better about life.  If Uncle Jesse were to run for president, I'd vote for him based solely on his fabulous hair and Elvis impersonations.  There.  I've done my part.  My vote is always for Uncle Jesse.

** Also... there were some glitches in my FB link to yesterday's post ... but you can find it HERE.

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