Friday, November 2


Five Good Things...


Good Thing #1:

A baby who hates me for dressing her up in a foam Halloween costume.
Sol was Dorothy's house from the Wizard of Oz (you know, the one that landed on the Wicked Witch in the middle of a ditch?).
She donned:
  • black/white striped legwarmers
  • ruby slippers (which, after 2 failed pairs of ruby slippers, was satisfied by a pair of sparkly red mittens)
  • a foam "sandwich board" house
  • a foam hat - which was supposed to be a roof, but in reality ended up channeling the hat of a pirate... or Cap'n Crunch.

Dorothy's house, complete with the legs of the Wicked Witch

Little Eloise was a strawberry!  :)
How adorable is SHE?
Sol was very clearly happy to be dressed up.
"Mom!  Hurricane Sandy JUST happened!!!  Isn't this a little too soon?"
- Sol, ever mindful of her fellow Americans.
I have big hopes for her.


Good Thing #2:

The illumination of the proverbial lightbulb.  Finding reason where there is no reason.  Cognitive serenity.  You know when you spend hours/days/weeks/months poring over certain things?  And then suddenly one day, after what seems like an eternity of beating your poor little mind up, something just clicks.  Things sometimes suddenly make sense.


Good Thing #3:

Peek-a-blue highlights.  As mentioned in an earlier Five Good Things post, I've been talking to my hairdresser about blue peek-a-boo highlights.  So  I did it.  Thanks to my friend Joleen, I was able to take a couple hours of "me time" at the salon yesterday after work.  The highlights turned out more navy than anything else, which is fine (and probably better, given the fact that I'm a working professional).  Navy highlights.  What what.


Good Thing #4:

Random emails/messages from friends I haven't heard from in a while.  Filled with good news and [somehow] exactly what I needed to hear on that very day.  Thank you, Miss Mary :)


Good Thing #5:

Chicago.  I think our 30-hour trip to Chicago deserves its own post, but here are a couple pics.  Allie and I had a blast.  Is it obvious? 
Allie looks ravishing in a $90 leopard-print robe
and $18 zebra-print socks.
Enjoying some cab at our hotel's nightly wine reception :)
Very happy and a little confused after our conversation
with a Robert Downey, Jr. look-alike
Are those glittery shorty-shorts?  Oh yes they are.
Isn't she darling?
And Chicago was never the same.


...and one good song


 I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to do a sort of two-fer costume with Sol,
perhaps Simon & Garfunkel.  Obviously that's not the way things went.
Sorry, Paul and Art.
Please accept this Five Good Things Friday as an apology :)
[even though it's a cover... and a fabulous one at that]

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  1. She is so cute!! And may I add a completely random thought of my own? I am so scared of Wizard of Oz it's not even funny. *shudder*