Sunday, October 28


This weekend I compiled a list of some of my biggest weaknesses:

  • Live music
  • Yellow lab mixes that walk my neighborhood and look just like Harper
  • Nacho cheese Doritos
  • Babies wearing snuggly hats like they're a heartbreaker/pilot
  • Salted caramel
  • Salted cocoa
  • Salted anything
  • Australian accents
  • Vegetarian men who wear stocking caps and make vegetarian empanadas and speak Spanish with a smooth Americano accent that rolls out like horchata and puts the *aaaaah* in "habla"
  • Apple products
  • Short ladies with rattails and big bellies
  • Sleepy babies who just want to snuggle while they rub their eyes incessantly
  • Werewolves and vampires
  • The lingering scent of Johnson & Johnson on a freshly bathed tiny human
  • Farmers Markets in the fall
  • Winter squash
  • All things pumpkin
  • Candles burning in a cozy house on a chilly day
  • Nieces with eyelashes so beautiful they make you forget your name
  • Chicago (that toddlin' town)
  • Brown paper packages waiting at my front door
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Flavored coffee - straight, black
  • Simple salads
  • Snorty, breathless giggles on a Saturday night

Oh, life is so good.

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