Tuesday, October 23


Let the Rambling Begin...

So Saturday morning I was very, very, very bored.  The following photo was snapped on Saturday morning and sent to my dear friend Kenny - yes, that's me in the bridesmaid dress I wore in her wedding a year ago (I was 5 months pregnant at the time of her wedding).  And yes, that's a fake baby bump.  I obviously did not have any super-important pressing plans that day.

Kendra was tickled by this ridiculous display of fake pregnancy.

Says she to me: "You should come up!"
Says me to she: "Yeah!"
Says she to me: "Don't play with my emotions..."
Says me to she: "I'm totally serious!"  

So I went into Sol's room and asked her if she wanted to take an impromptu road trip.  This was her response: 

So within an hour, I had showered, packed our bags, and made an executive decision to leave my living room in a state of mass destruction (please reference said destruction in the photo below) and venture out to the other side of the state.

Is that a stuffed carrot in green shorts?  HECK YES.

It goes without saying that I needed coffee.  Normally, I'm all Biggby, all the time.  But all they have in mid-Michigan is Starbucks.  Says me to a friend on Saturday: "You should open a Biggby in mid-Michigan.  I guarantee it would be a big hit."  And on Sunday, my mom tells me that they're opening a Biggby in Saginaw.  Beware, mid-Michiganders: Biggby will change your life.  You have not experienced coffee until you've experienced Biggby.  

Am I clairvoyant or what?  Just call me Miss Cleo.

Armed with coffee and my Moby wrap, Sol andI met our dearest Aunt Kenny and Uncle Rafiki at Johnson's Pumpkin Farm.  {are you asking yourself - Didn't they just go to a pumpkin farm?  yes, yes we did. but we went again, to a different one this time!}

And yes, those are THE Toms from my pregnancy announcement!
So then we paid our social dues and went to a big bad football party at my sister's house: please note the atrociously maize-and-blue flag hanging from her front porch.  Gag me.

My sister Amanda could take a fashion tip or two from her niece, Ayla.  Please note Amanda, below, in  a Michigan sweatshirt, while Ayla, ever the fashionista, is sporting a Spartans sweatshirt (granted, she's got blue and yellow beads on, but hey - she's only 2 years old... she was confused, and possibly unfairly swayed, by the resounding Wolverines theme in the house where the party was held).

A trip to mid-Michigan is never complete without some shopping.  Here's Sol with Aunt Amanda, picking out her favorite Wallflowers at Bath & Body Works.  My "son" Sol is slapping Mama Mel in the face with a good dose of "hey-mom-this-is-why-you-don't-take-me-out-in-public-in-gender-neutral-outfits-and-a-blue-pacifier-because-everyone-and-their-brother-will-compliment-you-on-your-baby-boy."  Lesson learned: give the child something pink if you're going to take her out in public.  Because yes, it gets to the point where you don't even bother correcting them.  You just say "thanks" and walk away.

And here we are at Banana Republic, me sporting a coat that I thought was fabulous until Aunt Amanda told me I looked like Cruella DeVille.  FAIL.

So I ran into my friend's grandma at breakfast on Sunday morning, who informed me that we need to come stay with her at her condo in Florida sometime during the month of March.  With the aid of my trusty Kayak app, I decided that it was possibly the best idea anyone has ever had.  Bradenton Beach or bust!

Here is Aunt Amanda, learning her lesson on how to change an 8-month-old's diaper.  Yep, 8-month-olds move.  And they move a lot.  And it's nigh impossible to change their diapers.  She thought she had it under control....  Sweetheart, I think you've got a lot to learn.  #facepalm

Oh, I forgot to mention: upon arrival, I almost drove right by my mom's house.  Because I didn't recognize it.  She planted some magic beans in her flower garden a while back, and all of a sudden she lives in Jurassic Park.  WHAAAAT???

This moment brought to you by
"this is why you don't plant castor beans in your front yard"

Okay, so I'm sort of addicted to all things "sky."  This was the view on my drive home.  Sort of Van Gogh-esque, isn't it?  BEAUTIFUL.

Okay,  get a load of this baby girl.  She loves her bath.  LOVES HER BATH.  And yes, she does this the whole entire time.

Here we are, post-bath, in her monster towel from Aunt Kenny and Uncle Rafiki!  Adorbs.

How can you not fall in love with this messy-haired, squeaky-clean baby?  Seriously, HOW?  It's moments like this where it kills me to think that there's even one single human in this world that doesn't want to be part of her life.  It honestly just rips my heart right out.  Tell me you don't love her :)

Okay, so this morning I had a bright, early morning with an all-company meeting at 7am.  Post meeting, we had breakfast and "mingling time."  But to me and one of my dear coworkers, "mingling" translated as "sitting up in the balcony with an elitist attitude and pointing out the cute guys and talking about the super pretty/skinny/fashionable girls as though they're riddled with flaws and we're probably better than them."  Meh, what ya gonna do?

So yes, we were at the local university from 7 till almost 11.  Long chunk of time away from work.  And as I type this, I'm on my lunch break at the local Biggby coffee shop, because there isn't enough caffeine in the world to keep me awake on a day where I had to be to work at 7am.  But sipping coffee and munching on some carrot-cake caramel corn on a warm drizzly fall day?  Not the worst way to spend my time.

Oh yes, that's carrot cake caramel corn with frosting.  WHAT WHAT.

Rambling Complete.

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  1. Sign up for the Mommy & Me swimming classes at the Y - she'd probably love it! :) And I'm with you - who couldn't possibly love that face?!