Tuesday, October 16


First things first: I went out to celebrate my sister's birthday this weekend.  My big sister has completed another fabulous year of life!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIZ!!!!!!! :)  What an extraordinary year you've had :)

Warning: I can assure you the rest of this post will be mostly 
cynical, sarcastic, and altogether "meh."

It's Tuesday.  But it feels like a Monday again (last Tuesday also felt like a Monday, and so I forgot to post a "rambling," much to the dismay of some devoted readers... sorry).  Yep, feels like a Monday.  Because I took Monday off this week to attend a funeral.  I traveled up to Houghton Lake on Sunday with my brother-in-law and sister, their daughter, their dog Cooper, and my own MiniMon.

The drive itself is about... 3-3.5 hours.  I don't really know how long it should take.  We had a smidge of a setback on the way there.
Babies pre-setback
Babies post-setback (please note Eloise's face)

Ever seen a new mom holding her baby in the middle of US-131 near Grand Rapids?  No?

Boom.  Now you have.

These firemen were walking back to our accident
from the accident that had happened just moments before;
look closely, another [worse] accident just 1/4 mile up. 
And beyond that, another accident. 
Why were we standing there, you ask?  Oh, because everyone and their brother thought it was cool to get into a car accident.  HEAR THIS:  ALL OF US WERE COMPLETELY UNHARMED (INCLUDING COOPER).

So yeah, a little bang-bang on the driver side, bang-bang on the passenger side, a few rear ends scrunched up, at least one completely smashed hood, one ambulance, several other emergency vehicles, and a 5-car [at least] pileup to shut down an expressway: makes for an eventful journey to a funeral.

Again I repeat: every one of us was okay.  And my brother-in-law was even able to drive his vehicle away.  Thanks to his stellar driving skills (which I'm being completely serious about), we drove away from an accident that could have been a whole lot worse, with nothing more than some dents and dings on his vehicle.  Hallelujah.

Super-Sol, dressed in her cape and wielding
her weapon of choice: a 0-3 mos hanger!!!
So then we spent the night up in Houghton Lake.  Sol dressed up like a superhero (see photo on right).  We went to the funeral.  It was... a funeral.  Never an ideal place to be, and it's always difficult to say good-bye to a loved one. 

And then we made it back to Kalamazoo, safe and sound.  Babies were good passengers.  High five.

I spent the entire car ride squeezed in next to the two babies.  They were pretty cool and happy (for the most part).

But still, it got boring and I spent most of my time on my phone, pinning cynical stuff to some boards on Pinterest; most pins were either random quotes or stuff for my make-believe-future-wedding-that-will-probably-never-happen-because-let's-face-it-single-moms-are-not-in-high-demand-oh-and-also-I'm-quickly-losing-my-faith-in-humanity.

And speaking of losing faith in humanity: to the person who thought it was acceptable and/or necessary to steal money out of purses at the funeral luncheon, I've got news for you: NOT ACCEPTABLE.  That's definitely grounds for karma serving you a seriously drastic reality check sandwich in the near future.  At what point in that plan did you stop and think, Hey, this is a good idea ?

Stealing?  Not cool.
Stealing at a family gathering?  Even worse.
Stealing at a small funeral luncheon that really only consists of close family and friends?  In your next life, you're coming back as a septic tank.  Call me old-fashioned, but I feel like a funeral luncheon is the last place one should have to worry about the money being stolen out of her purse.  That's seriously one of the most disturbing things ever.

Uh... Tuesday rambling?  More like rant.

But in one last grasp at an uplifting post, here are some pics of my sweet little Sol-sister, who so graciously offered to help me unpack my mountain of luggage after our very-short-but-somehow-very-lengthy 1.5-day trip.

... Is it Friday yet?  Ugh.


  1. 1)Wish I could have been there to celebrate Liz's birthday with all of you.
    2)Thank you (seriously) for not telling me about the accident till I saw you at the funeral home. I would have been just a tad frantic about it. Love the pics of the babies. :) Praise God for watching out for all of you.
    3)Re: HBB's mom's BF....quality not quantity is what counts...continue to be patient.
    4)Love the 'septic tank in the next life' comment for our $$ stealer... It wasn't the amount of $$ stolen, it's the idea that they thought it was okay to do. So sad & sick.
    5)Glad you all made it home safely. Sol is such a good mommy-helper!
    LYMTWCS! tu mamacita

  2. Glad you guys are ok! And holla from a fellow MI mom! :)