Thursday, October 18


As promised in an earlier post, I'm posting pics from our trip to the pumpkin farm!  Autumn is such an amazing time of year, and pumpkin farms only add to the fabulosity of the season.  A few weeks ago, Sol and her adorable cousin Eloise got their first taste of autumn during a trip to see Gene the Pumpkin Man in Kalamazoo.

Annnnd we ran into the doctor who delivered Sol.  How random and unexpected is that?  There's a special bond between an obstetrician and the babies he/she delivers.  Don't tell me there isn't.

For the record, my mom tells me that the doctor who delivered me had an Irish accent... so.... you do the math :)

Um... is there anything cuter than a baby surrounded by pumpkins?

How about TWO babies surrounded by pumpkins?



  1. OMG those are the cutest pics ever, Love the one where she looks like she is going to eat the other baby :)

  2. This makes my heart fill up with joy. Smiles all around and love the pics. Two very cute babies.