Wednesday, October 17


You can tell an awful lot about a person by his or her search history in their search engine of choice.

Sometimes I forget about the things I've recently looked up.  And for the record, I'm positively addicted to Google.  ADDICTED.  Google Google Google. 

So today I went to look up "how to ____" (and by the way, I've now forgotten what I even wanted to look up in the first place!  Google ADHD.) and the following showed up in my search history:

Yes, my search history tells my story.  My "how to" search history, specifically, tells even more about me.
  • What do I do?  
  • What do I not do very often?  
  • What do I want to do?

It's okay, you can laugh.

Apparently I don't know how to eat a peach (that was the day a coworker brought peaches in to the office, and I wasn't sure how to eat one), what button to press to run fast in Super Mario Bros (for the record, it's the "B" button), or how to center text in html.  Apparently I'm quite technologically challenged.

But apparently I also have high hopes.  I want to be a trivia buff and rattle off quick facts like it's my job.  I want to study law without actually becoming a lawyer, and I want to be a full time blogger (must have been a bad day at work).  Can't say I don't have goals.

Every day I find myself a little closer to achieving certain goals.  Thinking about the future and chasing one's dreams can be incredibly inspiring.  The trick is to focus enough energy on positive things.  After my uncharacteristically cynical "Ramblings" post yesterday, I think I'm overdue for some positivity and hopefulness.   

So yeah, today I had a little pity party.  After Sol went to bed, I had biiiig plans - I was going to sit in bed, eat a cupcake, and watch Twilight.  So I made a cupcake (okay, THREE cupcakes -- and all three vegan), got in bed, opened my laptop, and turned on the telly.  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was on, and just when I was about to turn it off and pop in Twilight, Cedric Diggory shows up.  Ah, fate :)  As my friend Beth said, "best of both worlds."

So I sat there, eating my cupcakes, wrapped up in the wizarding world of HP, and I thought about how silly it was to feel so low.  I have a pretty sweet life.  I have a beautiful daughter, and I don't have to share her (I suck at sharing, btw).  I have a wonderful family and fantastic friends.  I have a job I love, and which loves me right back.  I have a great place to live, clothes that fit, and a warm bed.  I have dreams, and those dreams are within reach.  There are vegan cupcakes at my disposal and Hogwarts on my television.  I can see a beautiful future ahead of me, and a beautiful present at my feet.  I would be selfish to want anything more than what I have right at this very moment.

Call me cocky if you wish, but right now, my life is supremely awesome.

 It only takes a cupcake (or three) to change your world.


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  1. And just what does your mamacita always remind you to do?? Yes, that's right...count your blessings... So it's nice to see you writing about some of your blessings! God is good and He is always with you, m'ija. LYMTWCS