Thursday, October 4

Hallo-what? (Sol's Costume)

So I've been losing sleep over this...

This is MiniMon's first Halloween, and I just can't figure out what her costume should be.

I enjoy dressing up too... and yes, I have a box of dress-up clothes.  You know, for things like Halloween, 80's Fest, other random festivals, the occasional Tuesday afternoon, etc.  What's in my box of dress-up clothes?  (Better question: what isn't in my box of dress-up clothes?)

I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to be Butch Cassidy and have Sol be the Sundance Kid for Halloween.

She nixed that idea.

So I thought about other Dynamic Duo ideas for Halloween.  And couldn't come up with anything.

Then fate stepped in and the song "Cecelia" played on Pandora.

And then everything suddenly made sense.  Everything was right in the world.

Of course!

I just can't figure out who should be whom.

So... am I Simon or am I Garfunkel?  (ah, the profound mysteries of life...)

Your call.  Personally, I think I would look positively smashing in a touring cap.  But I can also pull off stripes and an afro pretty well.

But seriously...

Now accepting ideas for the most rad Halloween costume for the Sol child.  Winning idea gets a free ham.  And bragging rights.  CREATIVE ideas, people.  

Bring 'em on.  Let's get MiniMon dressed up.


  1. A ham? YOU would buy a ham? LOL
    What about me, and mini-me? Like Austin Powers.

  2. I like Kathy's idea.
    What about...
    Sonny and Cher?
    Bert and Ernie?
    Mork and Mindy?
    Sulley and Mike Wazowski?
    Bonnie and Clyde?
    Laurel and Hardy?
    Blues Brothers?
    Superman and Lois Lane?
    He-man and Sheera?
    R2D2 and C3PO?

    Shall I continue??

  3. I saw a cute couple ideas where you are a tree and Sol could be a monkey, you are a football player and Sol is the football (or any sport with a ball for that matter). Dorothy and Toto?
    There is a cute idea on Pinterest where you are a chef, and your baby is a lobster in a stock pot!
    You are the Big Bad Wolf and Sol is Little Red Riding Hood?
    You are a cloud and she is the sun! :P

  4. Not that you ARE the big bad wolf...that would just be your costume. :)