Friday, October 26


It's Friday.  Thank  heavens. 


Good Thing 1:

Snuggling with my daughter.  Even when the 9-month-old in her rears its squirmy little head and yanks on my hair/earrings/necklace/nostril/anything that's attached.

Good Thing 2: 

Yogurt.  Frozen yogurt.  With a good friend.  Yes, last night we met up at Yogo Delights with our dear friend Emily.  Yogo consists of about 15 different flavors of frozen yogurt, plus one-bajillion toppings.

And apparently if you're there at 7pm on a Thursday night, Yogo also offers eye candy.  While we were there, about 45 middle-school-aged girls walked in with their uber-gorgeous soccer coach.  EYE. CANDY.  Not the girls.  The coach.  The coach was the eye candy.  He was fine.


Good Thing 3:

This text I got from AMAZING Leah:

Look closely: the photo she brought into class is a photo of Sol.
Not pictured: my poor little heart climbing up out of my chest and collapsing onto the floor in a big sticky mess of  "I almost just died from an overdose of love."

Good Thing 4:

This video of Sol shrieking in delight as we bound up and down the stairs.  Oh, and yes, my calves and quads are killing me after an hour of this.

Good Thing 5:

Failed recipe attempts.  As you know, I try to make up a lot of my own recipes.  Last night I attempted to make vegan chocolate chip cookies using mostly cooked quinoa.  ("quin-wookies?")

They were... good, not great.

Failed attempts keep me grounded (no, I do not excel at everything, especially not the first time I try something), and many times, even though they're not very pretty, failed recipe attempts still taste MIGHTY good.  These quin-wookies were no exception.  Fact.



...and 1 good song


I know I wrote about this song in a previous post, where I mentioned that I'm completely sick of it.
But I lied.  I'm not sick of it.  This song brings back good memories for me.
I listen to it EVERY MORNING on my way to work.
{enjoy, Kaila! :)}


  1. Where is the picture of the "Eye Candy"?


    1. Oh Van - I really really really really tried to get a picture of the Eye Candy but alas, I was unsuccessful! How unfortunate :(