Friday, October 19


Probably my 2 favorite boys in SW Michigan :)

Five good things.  Easy.

Good Thing 1:

Good friends like Jonathan and Andrew.

I went out with a couple of my nearest and dearest yesterday for some pumpkin ale at Olde Peninsula.  Did you know they sell Big Gulps of beer there?  :)

Uncle Drew and Sol!
To the right, Sol with Handsome  Uncle Andrew.
Some of his most desirable qualities:
  • occasional Southern accent (like sweet bourbon rolling off the tongue)
  • 6 foot 3
  • rosy cheeks that just won't quit 
Ladies, he's quite a catch; you'd be lucky to land a Swede like this one!  (I hear that if you take him to Ikea, you get a discount...)

Jonathan is writing Drew's phone number
on the bill for our waitress.
Such a little cupid. 

Good Thing 2: 

Downtown Kzoo parking garages.

Sometimes it's just the little things in life...
The garages are always well-lit, clean, and safe.
They have stairs (for you motivated ones) and glass elevators (for people like me).
The parking attendants are always friendly.  The attendant last night, for example, was a handsome young man who told me to "have a fantastic night and be safe."  Thanks, dude.

It's almost like a Christmas tree... (Elf reference)

Oh how I heart downtown Kalamazoo...

Good Thing 3:

The Office.

Last year I really struggled with losing Michael Scott, and with Robert California coming in and ruining the former Dunder Mifflin, but it was okay because I had Desperate Housewives to console me.

This season, however, I have no Desperate Housewives (*single tear*), but The Office, albeit devoid of Michael Gary Scott, is slowly turning back into the comedic masterpiece that it once was.  I watched last night's episode ("Work Bus") and laughed out loud.  Thank you, NBC.  Thank you for bringing Scranton back to life.

Good Thing 4:

Deep-dish chocolate chip cookie pie.

I'm not even going to post the recipe right now.  I'm going to make you wait for it.
Yep, I made this last night and brought it in to share with my coworkers.  I didn't tell them I made it, I didn't tell them it was vegan, and I certainly didn't tell them the rogue secret ingredient in it.  I just waited for the "omg-so-good" and "this is incredible!" comments to start pouring in.  And you know what?  THEY DID.
As far as the secret vegan ingredient?  I'll spring it on 'em later.  Take a look at the photos below.
Oh, but first go get a napkin to catch the drool.  Go on.  I'll wait.


Good Thing 5:

My obligatory Detroit Tigers reference.

Yes, I live in Michigan.  And that means I'm socially obligated to be as excited as the rest of you.  After the Tigers won their game last night, they're officially going to the World Series. And you can ask Drew and Jonathan; when the Tigers won the game last night, I said, "Wow!  Did they just win the World Series?"  Ummm... not yet, idiot.  But they're going to the World Series.

Obviously I'm not a huge sports person (this is the same girl who, when asked about a Michigan State game a month ago, responded with, "Oh, I don't follow basketball.").  But some of my very favorite people are die-hard Tigers fans.  So (and I'm cringing as I type this)... GO TIGERS!  For you crazy Tigers fans (and you know who you are), let this show how much I adore you :)

... and I know the following good song won't work...

Chances are, if you have a DVR, you haven't seen the new iPod commercial.
You should watch it.
Or at least listen to the song it features: "Yeah Yeah" by Willy Moon.
It's like a modern version of House of Pain's "Jump Around."
And yes, it will make you want to jump out of your seat and celebrate life.
And I was going to post it on this blog, but somehow in the last 5 minutes, 
YouTube has removed it due to copyright infringement.

... so, I guess, listen to THIS good song

I love covers of songs.
I don't usually care much for Beach Boys songs.
But this cover of "Good Vibrations" is amazing.
It makes my morning commute worth it.

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