Friday, October 5

Five Good Things Friday

How many good things are you ready for?



*** 5 good things ***

1. I got to talk to my dearest Samiie on Wednesday.  That's right, Samiie: you get top billing :)  I miss her terribly.  It's been almost FOUR YEARS since I've seen this gal.  Too long.  I talked to her on the way home from work, and proceeded to spend the remainder of my night thinking about how/when I can move to Oregon.

2. Later on Wednesday I met some of my family in Lansing and we made a transfer of the MiniMon.  We met at a store called Horrock's, which is essentially an indoor farmer's market.  Annnnd I adore it.  So yes, MiniMon is spending the weekend in Frankenmuth with all the mid-Michiganders who love her :) 

I seriously stood here and asked my sister (multiple times)
where the coffee was.  Yes, seriously.  Ask her.
OH, and the coffee is phenomenal. 
(and shoppers are rewarded with
free cups of coffee, btw!)
And yes, I bought 5 bags of it.

G.G. is waiting for a price check on Sol :)

She loves to shop... like mother, like daughter!

3. So Sol is spending time with my family, and I'm home alone.  I almost didn't know what to do with myself last night after work... almost.  So I made the most amazing energy bars.  I'm incredibly stoked about the way they turned out.  It was an experiment, but I took good notes, so you can find the recipe here.

4. On my way to work today, I saw a car with a "slide to unlock" decal on the driver's side door.  And I laughed out loud.  Naturally, I didn't whip out my phone and snap a pic (I'm actually a very safe driver) - but here's a pic I found online.  I WANT ONE.

5. It's turning into fall!  (Read: it's officially fall, but it's looking/feeling more and more like fall).  I adore fall.  Word.
The calendar officially reads October.  This is a calendar my sister got me
from Hawaii last year.  She officially has 3 months to get back to Hawaii and bring me a new calendar :)

my walk into work... leaves strewn about.  LOVE.

the view out my window.  ahhhh... autumnal serenity.

 *** and one good song ***

This song is addicting, seriously. 
It's like Lord of the Dance meets Dayglow. 
Think Michael Flatley in a rave.  Think Celtic fiddle on ecstasy. 
Oh, and the video itself is pretty cool.


  1. I have no clue what Dayglow is (other than the wristbands, etc?), love LOVE that video/music - that was awesome! And enjoy the "you" time :)
    Oh, and there is a Horrocks in Battle Creek. Apparently you didn't know that LOL

    1. Oh no Kathy, I knew that :) But we met in Lansing because it's more of a "halfway point" between here and Frankenmuth!