Monday, October 22


I recently had my first up-close-and-right-in-ya-face experience with a wind farm.  Windmills, wind turbines, whatever.  They were awesome.  I don't know what exactly it is about these things that makes me so deliriously happy - these silent, giant, other-worldly, hauntingly magnificent structures.  They move.  And they provide green energy.  Fabulous on all counts.

There are no wind farms where I live.  So naturally, the second I caught a glimpse of this particular wind farm while driving, I took a detour to find them (eastward ho!).

Not only could I locate the farm, but I was able to drive right up to the wind turbines.
Not only could I drive right up to them, I could WALK right up to them.
Not only could I walk right up to them, but I could climb the stairs and attempt to open the [disappointingly locked] door to go inside the wind turbine!   

I may have broken a law or twelve in my quest to find the wind, but whatever.  With the sun just rising over the horizon, the low-lying fog, and the deafening silence of a wind farm on a brisk October morning, it made for a pretty rad photo shoot.

And in case you're wondering whether I flinched and ducked every time the blade of the turbine would swing down toward me... yes, yes I did.  

Flinch, duck, snap, repeat.

Wind is a pretty amazing thing.  We've learned to harness its power and use it as an energy source.  Wind can power huge equipment and large operations.  It can send ships all the way around the world - and it's likely that wind brought your family to America at some point.  It can blow trees down in an angry storm, and it can take lives in an instant by demolishing homes and other buildings.  Wind has been known to blow cars off huge suspension bridges, and we've seen it injure/kill people by blowing things like concert stages right off the ground. 

Wind can be both a blessing and a curse, and very often its powerful gusts can come out of nowhere.  Too often, it seems, you look around after a windstorm and wonder how it all happened... where did this mess come from?  Or you wake up and look around after the wind has passed through and wonder how you got to where you are.  We've all experienced wind in our life.  Sometimes it can be a good thing, but other times it can blow you too far off course.  Life seems better when you've just got those warm, gentle breezes - those pleasant happenings that are likely to move you just a smidge, without making it too difficult to get back to where you started.  When you experience the BIG gusts, though, it can definitely shake you up once you awake and realize just how far from home you are. 

Sometimes there's no way to control the gusts of wind in your life.  Sometimes you don't realize the wind is coming until it's already passing through, and sometimes the storm is completely over before you even realize there was a storm.  No matter what breezes or storms head your way, it's always possible to navigate your way back to where you started, back to where you're comfortable.  Every so often I wake up, look around, and I have to think about how I got there.  There are times I can see the spot where I began, and it doesn't take much effort to get back there.  There are other times, though, when I look around and nothing looks familiar - it's all chaos.  That  place can be a terrifying place, and if you feel alone, it's even worse.  When I find myself there (and believe me, I do), I challenge myself to look around.  If I can make myself see far enough, I'll see my "lifeboat" - my family/friends - who are there to help me.  Even if they can't help me find the place where I started, they'll help me get back on my way.  And that way is always a little brighter when I'm not alone.

Here's wishing you warm and gentle breezes, as well as a loving lifeboat to transport you back to where you belong if you get blown too far off course.
--from my earlier post "Wherever the Wind Blows Me"


  1. Wow....amazing photos, Melanie. And a nice reminder to, once again, count our friend/family blessings. lymtwcs, m'ija! Mom

    1. This summer my family and I drove the back woods (M-46) to MI Adventure and we were also transfixed on the big wind turbines. We were not brave enough to stop and take picture or attempt a break-in:) We didn't realize that we had a lot of these in our back yard. I love your imagery and vivid imagination - you made the experience come alive for me again. Kudos on another good blog!


  2. This summer my family and I took the back woods (MI-46) to MI Adventure. We did not realize that there were wind turbines in our backyard. We were also transfixed on the majestic movement and opportunity (Green energy) of wind turbines. We did not take beautiful photos or attempt a break-in :) So, Thank you for bringing back the imagery and wonderment of watching the turbines slowly move and the road trip that caused my kids to pause and not utter the words . . . "Are we there yet!". Another good one.