Wednesday, October 10

By Popular Demand: The Nursery (where my crazy diamond sleeps)

This past weekend I played a different role.

I played a childless Melanie.

It was... it was okay.  Sure, it was nice to sleep in and only worry about myself.  But did I miss my little MiniMon.  Yes, yes I did.  She was in excellent hands (with my family in mid-Michigan), and I was well aware of that, but I still missed that little fireball.

And what did I do during my time off?  I painted something for her nursery (I alluded to this in a previous post).  This little art project was something I've been thinking about for a few months now - maybe even close to a year.  And it turned out even better than I expected!  Super easy, too.


And by popular demand, I'm posting photos of her nursery.  

Her nursery has gray walls (though they look slightly brownish-gray in the photos), white trim, and primary colors to complement the vegetable theme (really, would you expect anything less?).  Much of the nursery is from Ikea - but I'll give more specific details in the photos below.

 This changing table was purchased (used) for $10 - thanks, Mom!  
Originally a gross maple color, I spray-painted it white.  And now it looks fab.

 This is Sol's bedding - not a great picture, but it gives you an idea of the veggie patch theme we've got :)

This book, a shower gift from Aunt Amanda, is from Ikea.
This was also part of the veggie-patch inspiration!

Above: art project (LH side); on the right, a sunshine painting (part of a 4-piece set), purchased by my mom. 

The leaf canopy is from Ikea, and so is the mobile hanging from it.

Curtains are from Meijer.

Please note the monster Kleenex box (lower LH corner) - from Aunt Kenny!

And Shannon, if you're reading - your wedding favor is displayed on the dresser here :)

Above/below: green bug light from Ikea.  

By day, it's just a boring old bug...

... but by night, it grows legs and GLOWS!!

On the wall above the changing table: framed pieces of scrapbook paper.  Cheap and super easy.

Also, a white frame with individual wooden white letters spelling her name (letters are from Michaels).

And a plaque from Target that reads "You are my sunshine" (featured in my maternity photos).

Veggie/fruit stickers around doorway, purchased from Amazon.

Red/yellow painting above dresser - my own creation.

The stuffed animals vegetables are also from Ikea - they match the bedding!

The green blanket is a homemade gift from my dear friend Allie :)

The framed orange poster features a Picasso quote: "Everything you can imagine is real."

Are you in love with this chair?  Me too.  

I personally reupholstered the chair.  
And omg - wasn't it UGLY before?  
Nothing screams "classy" like forest green leafy upholstery.  Blehhh.

And holy wow, is there a story behind this chair.  
Long story short, this chair cost me $436 and a blow to my pride. 
Someday, when you have a couple hours and a few beers, I'll tell you the entire story.

In about 21 years, Sol can hear the whole story too :) 

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  1. Is this the chair from the Frankenmuth hotel?? 😂😂