Tuesday, September 25

Ramblings on a Tuesday

Tuesday rears its beautiful head again.

Wow, what a weekend...
My niece Eloise was baptized this weekend, so our whole fam ventured on down to SW Michigan for some fun and frivolity.  My parents, sister and brother-in-law, both grandmothers, and eventually my local brother-in-law's family came down.

And we had A BLAST.

Saturday was a crazy long day of this, that, and everything else.  But we closed it down with a trip to one of my favorite Kzoo venues: Shakespeare's Pub.  And for those of you who know me well, you'll know that I worked there a while back (and I adored working there).   Shake's always has ~20-30 beers on tap (mostly microbrews, which obviously strikes a chord with me).

Shakespeare's front entrance... awfully majestic, no?

Cheers!  Look at all those microbrews! :)

 Shakespeare's menu is phenomenal, and they have plenty of vegetarian and *gasp* vegan options!
My poison?  An Ope's Southwest stuffed sandwich (vegan) with their waffle fries.
And in case you're wondering whether that's an Atwater Brewing Co. Vanilla Java Porter...  yes, yes it is.

And then my 81-year-old grandma made frenemies with this lovely lass, Sarah, at the next table.  
Sarah,  easily the loudest and drunkest person in the pub (when we arrived... at 6pm), was there with a male counterpart to watch the Michigan-Notre Dame game.  
Naturally she was a Michigan fan, while my Grandma is a hardcore State fan... you can see where this is going, yes?

And Sarah was just a vision in her pink Michigan sweatshirt, giant dangly Michigan earrings...

... and look closely and you'll see my favorite part of the ensemble, the diamond-studded leggings.  Yep, she is the epitome of a Michigan fan.  And apparently we all learned to get along.

And that Sarah was oh-so-talkative....
Says she to me (in a drunken drawl): Your baby is SO beautiful.
Me: Thank you.
Sarah: Really, she is.  And you're beautiful.
Me: Thank you.
Sarah: And your baby's--husband-- he's here, right?
(Now this is where our table was a little unclear of what she meant... I thought she was asking if my husband was there.  Other members of my party understood the question as "is your baby's husband here?")
Me (laughing): Umm... I don't know, for all I know, he could be.
And I immediately thought of Sol's father - and hoped that he wasn't there, and that he was rotting in a ditch somewhere.  Bitter?  Perhaps.  But hey, we all have to pick our battles, right?

I digress.


Earlier on Saturday...

We ventured out to find a pumpkin farm.  
Saginaw (where I'm from) boasts Johnson's Pumpkin Farm
which is essentially a feat of autumnal engineering.  It exudes awesome.

There's nothing like that in SW Michigan.
I heart Kalamazoo.
It has almost everything I could ever want.
It's missing only a few things:
  • Trader Joe's
  • Whole Foods
  • H&M
  • more Lebanese restaurants
  • a pumpkin farm like Johnson's
  • Atwater Brewery

Since we're lacking Johnson's Pumpkin Farm,  we had to work with the next best thing.  And the next.  And the next.  Yep, we tried 3 farms before we found one that would do.  Finally, we found what we were looking for in Gene the Pumpkin Man!

 So we got to Gene's, and of COURSE I snapped a million pictures.  I had too many to go through last night, and I need to do some editing before posting, so I will post many more pics (mostly of Sol and her adorable cousin Eloise), but here's a preview for you:

 Sol and Grandpa

Have I mentioned that I love all things Sol/Soul?  :)  This weekend was indeed Good 4 the Soul.  
They were selling these t-shirts at Gene's.  The Good 4 the Soul organization is a local one; they also sell these shirts at the Kalamazoo Farmer's Market, so I've met the woman who started Good 4 the Soul.  You can see a snippet of her story here, which is pretty cool.

Aunt Amanda and Sol

 Aunt Liz and cousin Eloise... and umm could Eloise possibly be any cuter?

 Proud Grandma Cece with her two grandbabies :)

 Grandma Cece and cousin Eloise.  Ohmigosh I could just eat her up.

 I passed off my camera this weekend, because I realized I have almost no pics of me with Sol - which just comes with the territory when you're a single parent, unfortunately.  

 Sol and me :)

Endless love :)

 and the oh-so-fab (and ever-present) rattail. My little NKOTB.

 Oh, and who did we run into?  None other but the doctor who delivered Sol, of course. 
I adore running into people randomly... it adds a wee bit of surprise to life, don't you agree?

I love the concept of paths crossing.


And then a couple pics from Baptism Sunday...

 The two most amazing women in the world - my grandmothers.  
At the ripe young ages of 81 and 91, their energy and zest for life AMAZE me.  
I hope to look and live like them at their ages :)

 Uncle Gregg and Sol - he's determined to make her walk ASAP.  I think I can wait.
Side note: her AC/DC onesie was a fabulous find for me this past weekend.  
I'll post more on baby style this week :)

Ohmigosh she makes me so happy.  I adore this little chubby-cheeked wonder.

Rambling complete.


  1. Love-love-love re-living this past weekend through your ramblings. Our family is so blessed! Your mamacita...LYMTWCS

  2. O.M.G. Sol and Eloise are just to stinkin adorable!!