Tuesday, September 18

Ramblings on a Tuesday

Say what?  It's Tuesday again?  Tuesday, Schmuesday.

jk.  I love Tuesdays.

Probably because Tuesdays are a sort of "free day" as far as the blog is concerned.  Post a few pics, ramble for a bit, and BAM!-- finished blog.


Let's start out with Friday night.  I went to dinner with my friends Joe and Drew (pictured below).  We went to the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange - which, if you know me at all, is AMAZING.  For several reasons. 
So this is Joe (left) and Drew (right).  Aren't they just the CUTEST with Baby Sol and a diaper bag?  :)  It was like pulling teeth trying to get them to pose for this photo...
... but aren't they good sports?  They eventually got into the idea of the photo shoot!  LOL

The first reason I love the Beer Exchange is the overall idea of the place -
there are screens (like this one) all over the bar - listing the beers on tap, as well as the price of each beer. 
The price will fluctuate every 15 minutes (see the clock on the upper RH corner of the screen),
depending on the demand - like the stock exchange. 
ie: The more people drinking that particular brew, the higher the price will be, and vice versa. 
Fabulous?  Yeah, I agree.
The next reason is the NACHOS. 
KBE makes their own flour tortillas, which are then deep fried and turned into this vegetarian masterpiece.  Every time I order a plate, the server is always like "Are you sure you don't want to split it?  It's a rather large portion."  And I'm always like "Just bring the nachos already."  And he's like "Are you sure?"  And I'm like "It's 'NACHO' call, dude.  It's my call.  Bring the nachos."

Oh, and you see two beers up there?  That's because the "market" crashes every so often, the prices plummet, and you have just a couple minutes to order a beer at rock-bottom price.  So I did :)

Oh look who decided to show up!!! Yes, that's right, my dear friend Leah showed up with her boyfriend and family - making my night complete :)

The two most beautiful girls in my life :)

And then Adam got some Sol time in too!

Isn't Leah gorgeous?????
Uncle Joe is teaching Sol alllll about the Beer Exchange.  She's very interested.

Uncle Joe takes a sip of beer...

And then of course Sol wants to join in :)

And then, I looked at the table next to me and saw my friend Kathy 
(and it's a long story, but we're good friends who had never met before that day - 
sort of "sol-sisters," if you will).
Meeting Kathy MADE my night.
And sitting with Kathy: Stevie, who was the birth records person working at Bronson Hospital the day Sol was born.  Stevie was the first person to know Sol's name - how cool is that?

It was an amazing night.


So the next day,

I took a Segway tour of Grand Rapids with my friend Kate and her parents.

Random, you say?  

Yep, random indeed.  

But sign me up for a day of Segway fun! 

Segways come with warning labels.  I do NOT want to look like the man on this label.
Our tour guide/instructor brought the Segways over like this... riding one, pulling another.

Hold on tight!

And stand up straight!
Segway 101: we learned to ride them by tooling around this little plaza.  Not too hard!

He said "The Segway can smell your fear..."
Uh, thanks dude... thanks for the vote of confidence.

Helmet? Check.  Fluorescent vest?  Check.  Ready to go.

The Gerald R. Ford Museum - with penguins!

Kate, in all her Grand Rapids glory.


Here is our instructor/tour guide - with support socks.  Because YES, Segway-ing takes its toll on your feet.

Ah, GR.

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines!  Or... press the button to enable the battery power.


And it's only right that after we were done with the Segways, we park them.  In the parking garage.

After Segway-ing, we went to Stella's and had some a-maz-ing food -
by far, the best vegan/vegetarian-friendly menu I've EVER SEEN. 
And of course, we enjoyed a beer as well (but they offer 200 kinds of whiskey - holy scotch, Batman!)
Yep, this is Stella's impressive list of whiskeys.  All whiskey.

Then we went to the Tavern on the Square and enjoyed another beverage.

Then on to HopCat for more fabulous beer!

And although we didn't go in, this is the famous BOB bar in Grand Rapids.
And then, of course, we came back to Kalamazoo and finished up with a Guinness at London Grill.
And yes, I was exhausted after my day of Segways and shenanigans.
I slept WELL. 

And I know you're all waiting to see a video of me on a Segway...
Well, you're in luck!!!

And just because the purpose of this blog as a whole is my little MiniMon, 
I think you all need to see just how adorable she is.  
Ummm... world's most beautiful babe?  Yes, yes she is.

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  1. Hey you did add me! LOL
    you didn't have to :)
    It was great to see you - and those nachos are absolutely to DIE for. OMG. My mouth is watering just thinking about them...
    Can't wait to see you and the adorable one again soon!