Tuesday, September 11

Ramblings on a Tuesday

Happy Tuesday :)

Let the rambling begin.

This past weekend was incredibly incredible. I went to visit my family and friends on the other side of the state.  I visit them for multiple reasons:
a) They demand that I bring a chubby-cheeked baby to see them every so often (it had been 3 months since we last visited).
b) They sometimes like to see me too (although I'm convinced that it's mostly because of my daughter).
c) My mom always has my favorite things waiting for me when I arrive:

A-maz-ing vegetarian food.  Featured here is my mom's pesto pizza.  Drooool.

The very best brownies you will EVER try. 
Betty Crocker's Ultimate Fudge Brownies.
Possible residual addiction from my last place of employment,
where my job was basically to look at these and only these, all day, every day.

The absolute finest beer east of the Mississippi (and possibly west of it too). 
Heaven in an amber bottle.
And I converted several people to this beer this weekend.  Atwater Beer should hire me.


And then let's not forget my family's proximity to the nearest outlet mall.  Bath and Body Works outlet?  Yes, please.  Please reference the photo below: baby, boots, and Bath & Body.  I'm in my element.

 And let's not forget the #1 reason people want me around mid-Michigan: MiniMon.
(Pictured here with Grandpa.  He's sort of in love with this little chica.)

And the trip itself to and fro is ANYTHING but eventful.  Highway driving the whole way?  Yawn.
Sometimes it just takes a little help from Sir Elton John to make the trip more pleasant :)

I returned home to the below: 
my license to call Charter and tell them where they can stick their overpriced DVR box. 
Yep, I ordered a cable to hook my laptop up to my TV. 
Big Bang Theory and streaming whatnot from here on out, baby. 
So long, TLC. 
Never again will my home be subjected to the torture of having Honey Boo Boo
singing through the speakers of my telly.

I also returned home with a present from my mom and sister: the newest addition to my Wall of Whimsy.

I think it looks rather fetching, don't you?

I also returned home with the following:
the mark of a good weekend.  A half-drunk six-pack that doubles as a baby food carrier? 
Some things were just made for each other.

And speaking of things that were made for each other,
look how fantastically a porter fits in the cupholder on a high chair: 

No, I'm not an alcoholic.  And no, I don't give my child beer. 
This is absolutely and completely meant to be taken humorously. 

On a more serious mealtime note, look at what the high chair tray looks like
after a meal with MiniMon and Aunt Joleen:   

 No, those splatters aren't from an irresponsible spoon-wielder. 
What are those splatters from, you ask?  Here, take a look:

Warning: the following video contains scenes of extreme adorable-ness...

Rambling complete.

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