Friday, September 21

Five Good Things (and one good song)

Possible new weekday category?

Ramblings on a Tuesday, Five Good Things Friday?

I just feel like today merits some love to the world around me.

Good Thing #1:

I came home to fun mail yesterday.

One item: football leggings from Aunt Kenny for MiniMon.  I knew they were coming, due to the following conversation:

Kenny: oops.. amazon app has a "1 click buy" button.. guess what? Sol's getting football leggings
Me: Bahahaha, okay! Thanks aunt kenny and uncle rafiki! 
Me: And FYI you're probably the best chance Sol has at getting into sports, since all her mom watches is Big Bang Theory, figure skating, and Lord of the Dance... 
Me: So sue me. 
Kenny: lol I'll make her a sports fan and play in dirt. 
Me: If she hangs out with me, she's destined to be a nerd who sings show tunes. Thank God she's not a boy, otherwise he'd have a very difficult time in high school... 
Me: And be careful with that 1-click buy button! Especially if you're shopping for, say, Macbooks :) 
Kenny: uhh yeah wouldn't that be the pits... : )

THANKS, Aunt Kenny!

Second item: a rogue check from my former employer yesterday.  Nothing like a couple hundred extra bucks in your pocket :)


Good Thing #2:

I'm insanely stoked by the fact that my Honey Boo Boo post is nearing 1,000 views (933 at the moment).  This is something I've never even come close to, as my other posts average around 200-300 views per post.  Which is still pretty stellar, but holy Honey Boo Boo!

Good Thing #3:

My manager told me the other day that I'm losing weight.  Funny, isn't it, how you notice things like that far before everyone else does?  I saw the below on Pinterest... so true.  (and fyi - in case you're wondering, yes, that's me in the picture.  BAHAHAHAHA)


Good Thing #4:

After a small hiccup in a certain area of my life (*cough*childsupport*coughcough*) and an impromptu visit to my attorney, my mind is again at ease.  Every little thing is gonna be all right.  Word.

Good Thing #5:

Earlier this week I received a fantabulicious (yes, that's a word) visit from my sister, brother-in-law, caninephew (their dog Cooper), and their 2-month-old daughter.  Truth #1: I love company.  Truth #2: This little family means the world to me.  They're amazing.  Truth #3: zomg, I miss the bitty-baby stage.  She's adorable.  My only niece thus far, and I'm the proudest aunt east of the Mississippi. 

And just to cap it off, my latest musical addiction: "Heart it Races" by Dr. Dog. Annnnd this addiction will probably fall by the wayside as of next Friday (according to my last post), so stay tuned for a new song next week!

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