Friday, September 28

A Few Good Things (and one good song)

In continuation from last Friday's post, I think it's only appropriate to end the week with a smattering of good things.  And while last Friday I mentioned just 5 good things, I have a whopping 7 this week.  But that's never a bad thing, right?

1.  Today I walked into a conversation between my manager and one of the sales guys re: dads.  Good dads, bad dads, any dads at all.  And I lost interest immediately.  As I stood there, I could feel my happy-o-meter quickly plummeting.  Then the conversation turned to diabetes; Manager's husband and Sales Guy's daughter have both recently been diagnosed with diabetes.  I heard about pumps, blood sugar monitors, options for this, options for that, and [omg] the costs involved.  And I said a silent prayer, thanking God that my daughter hasn't had any serious health problems.  We've been so lucky.  She gets a runny nose here and there, and has an incessant cough (that doesn't really seem to signify much, by the way), but she's pretty healthy.  Good thing: my little family is healthy.

2.  I got my hair cut this week.  (I know, right?  the things that get me excited these days...)  My stylist Kristin is awesome.  Last summer I found this amazing little hippie-chic salon called Honore, and it's right downtown in a totally fabulous old-school Kzoo building on the Mall.  And Kristin has sort of a special connection to Sol. Aside from Sol's ridonkulous father, Kristin was the first one to know I was pregnant.  It's funny what you tell your hairdresser, isn't it?  So Kristin has been there from the very beginning, and she was crazy supportive.  And I don't mind raving about my daughter to her, especially while I'm getting a haircut (or the 10-min scalp/neck massage that Kristen throws in, complete with delish-smelling Aveda oil).  Oh, and Kristin uses Number 4 hair products.  Which are TO DIE FOR.  And during the haircut we discussed setting up an appointment to color my hair.  Something fun.  Like peek-a-boo blue highlights.  Your thoughts?

3.  On Tuesday I got to patronize one of my fave establishments: the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange.  (are you sick of hearing about it yet?)  I met my friends Jonathan and Drew for dinner, and we made tentative plans for wine tasting in November.  They promised to wear ascots and speak with a British accent.  Um, sign me up.  (I think I'll be a young filly from old Southern money... my friends Jess and Steph can vouch for my talent in Southern accents.)

4. Fridays are $0.49 bagels at the Big Apple Bagels just down the street.  Nuff said.

5.  I got a new phone this week.  I went for the iPhone 4S.  Annnnd it's amazing.  Siri keeps me wonderful company.  I've asked her to call me "Dr. Lanie Coolerthanmost."  Siri said it has a nice ring to it.  I agree.

6.  My friend Joleen moved out of Kalamazoo for about 5-6 weeks.  She's coming back in about a month.  I have a paper-chain countdown in my office to help me keep track of just how close we are to her return.  Annnnd the best part is: I get to explain that to everyone who stops in my office and asks about my "Christmas chain." 

Joleen's paper chain.
Yes, those are photos of my daughter.
And colored pushpins.

7.  Last night my dearest Leah came to watch the Sol-child while I stepped away from the "mom" role.  I went shopping and bought a skirt last night that I'm sort of in love with.  And I've received smashing compliments on my outfit today.  One of the IS guys just came by and told me he loves my outfit.  Yes, an IS guy.  Loves my outfit.  He told me I'm classy.  My response?  "Ballin."  Yep, classy.  Stay classy, Kalamazoo.

And the one good song for today: 
"House by the Sea" by Iron & Wine.  Enjoy :)

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