Monday, August 6

Wish to Bewitch (Say That 10x Fast)

Yesterday I went shopping with my sister.  When she came to pick me up, she found me sitting on my couch, SOBBING.

I was watching the movie Knocked Up.

And Allison had just given birth to her daughter.

Need I say more?

Liz asked me why I was crying, and I asked her if she's watched that movie since she gave birth to her daughter (her oh-so-beautiful daughter Eloise, who was born about 3 weeks ago!!).  Liz hasn't seen the movie since she was pregnant.  I gave her fair warning - if watch that movie after giving birth to a baby of your own, YOU WILL CRY.

I think I would cry while watching any movie, though. 

I cried the other day when I was watching Shrek.

I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch the video below:

or this one:

Not fair.  I want a Jim.  Maybe, as it turns out, I'm not crying because I have this stupid influx of parental emotions (momotions, I call them).  Maybe I'm crying because I just want someone.

There are days when I feel more lonely than I ever thought I could feel.  Sure, I have a constant live-in roommate for the next 17.5 years, and she loves me a whole lot.  But there are days when I think I just might go crazy if I don't interact with another adult STAT.  Babies are fun, babies are nice, but it's just not the same as having another adult to hang around with. 

I started this blog as a sort of outlet (writing is a great way to express oneself), but in the end it's served as more of an inlet than anything else.  The love and support I've received from my readers has been overwhelming - and each day brings more kind words from more unexpected sources.  And pretty often, it's just the sort of kind words that I'm desperately in need of.

Just when I thought there would never be a man for me, my old friend Nick chimed in with an unsolicited pep talk the other day (and a completely unexpected pep talk at that; keep in mind, I haven't talked to Nick in years).  This is what he wrote to me:

"You'll find someone though, don't get too discouraged... there's plenty of guys who aren't scared of a girl with a kid.  I know it's probably scary thinking no guy will ever wanna get involved, but it's definitely not the case.  I mean sure, there are definitely more immature a**holes than not, but there is definitely a guy out there for you."

Nick probably has no idea just how much it helped me to hear that from him - a young, attractive guy with a kid of his own (as well as one on the way; congrats, Nick!).  I suppose there ARE decent guys out there after all.  My personal track record doesn't necessarily prove that, but they're out there regardless.  I know plenty of girls who have snagged a fabulous man.  Someday I'll be there too.

Since apparently, according to this post, all I do is watch movies, I have to include a quote from another movie that made me cry today (seriously; did I do anything else today???):

"You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you.  I never wish to be parted from you from this day on." -- Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice (the movie; as far as I know, this line is not in the book)

(Did you just melt???)

I would very truly and honestly melt if someone said that to me... I long to bewitch someone.  If you're bewitched, or if you're currently bewitching someone at the moment, cheers to your bewitchment.  May you live happily ever after.  If you're waiting to be bewitched, keep your chin up.  It will happen. 

Let the bewitching begin :)

(P.S. I wonder if there's a record for how many times one person can use the word "bewitch" in one sitting... I may have just won a prize.)


  1. you are so soulful

  2. I love you Melanie, Sol too! I've said it before, but I'll say it again, you're amazing. I have no doubt that the perfectly imperfect guy for you is out there. He just might be lost and too stubborn to get directions, but he's out there, but until then you have my love and support and all your family's as well!

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