Thursday, August 30

Un-Charter-ed Territory

Ready for a rant?  Here we go.

Okay, I caved.  In an earlier post I mentioned I was NOT going to get cable.  But after several failed attempts to receive just the standard 5-6 channels with a high-quality antenna (because I rarely watch TV), I gave in to The Big Bad Cable Company.

My reasonings were thus:
1) Now that I've got a MiniMon at home, I'm spending far more time in the confines of my living room than I ever used to.
2) I need noise when I'm home alone.  I NEED NOISE.
3) My laptop was crap; no streaming there.
4) Things like Harry Potter marathons, 24 hrs of A Christmas Story on TBS, ummm... need I go on?
5) Babysitters.  I don't want babysitters to hate coming here because I'm the Amish lady with no TV.

So I did it.  I caved. Not only did I get cable, but I went whole-hog.  I got the double-decker, expanded select cable, DVR, two-TV nonsense.

It was installed on a Saturday.

And I haven't left my living room since that Saturday. #winningatlife

But yesterday I was watching a rerun of The Big Bang Theory on TBS, and I realized that TBBT is the only thing I watch.  I quit watching Say Yes to the Dress  and House Hunters International  because they depress me.  I gave up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians because... well.. because they're the Kardashians.  And quite frankly, I'm boycotting the news [and anything with commercials] until Wednesday, November 7, 2012 (the day after election day).  So yep, I have 900 channels and I only watch one sitcom, one 27-minute episode at a time. 

A quick Amazon search will yield hundreds of results for boxed DVD sets of TBBT for far less than what I'm currently paying for cable.  And then there's the fabulous world wide web, which offers almost unlimited options that can be streamed through my laptop onto my TV.

Why is this such a hard decision?  I should cancel, right?

Wrong.  Because... leave it to Francisco, the charming Big Bad Cable representative who made it seem impossible to cancel my cable.

My conversation:

Really?  So the least expensive bundle I can get includes 29.99 for internet and 49.99 for cable, but the least expensive bundle is 94.97?  Clearly this guy doesn't watch The Big Bang Theory, otherwise his math would be far better (Sheldon is an excellent educator).  Between the limited information I had to pry out of this Charter rep, the conversation riddled with spelling errors, and the overall careless attitude of Mr. Francisco, I'm a very unhappy customer.

I'll just chalk this up as a lesson learned.  Therefore, I'm exploring my options.  And I'm open to ideas.  Send 'em my way.

Rant complete.


  1. Welcome to the world of Charter. This has happened to me and many others so often. It is always more expensive to have less. They got ya!!!!

  2. We don't bundle because after MOST company's promotional periods end, they give yo NO reason to remain a faithful customer. We have DISH (which we are getting rid of in lieu for Netflix) and AT&T internet. No company offers deals to long term customers, so we keep switching every time our promotional period ends. :)