Sunday, August 26

Ramblings on a Tuesday

It's Tuesday again.  That means I get to ramble.  Maybe this will be a weekly thing...

So they still haven't caught the snake in our office building yet.  Which means one of two things: a) the snake has escaped, or b) the snake is hiding in some warm, dark corner until he is found, or until he dies, whichever comes first.  After wearing boots all last week (for fear that said snake would slither over my sandal-clad feet otherwise), I'm back to sandals this week.  Call me courageous, call me stupid, call me whatever... I'm braving the world with my toes exposed.  Racy.  But I still exercise a great deal of caution when I open my desk drawers...

I've begun decorating my office, and will post pictures when the time is right (aka when I'm done).  Here's a preview:

And speaking of work, we went out for a pseudo-4:01 on Friday, after a hellish week.  We had a late lunch at Martell's (formerly the Black Swan, where my sister Liz had her wedding reception).  I love my job.  I LOVE MY JOB.  My boss and coworkers are amazing.

My friend Kendra came for a visit this weekend.  It was fabulous.  When I got home from work lunch/drinks on Friday, these flowers were sitting by my front door.  They were "have a great weekend" flowers from Kendra's husband.  Gag me. (just kidding, he's pretty fantastic!) 

We did lots of shopping - for furniture, for clothes, for nachos, for boots and books.  We stumbled across these shoes for Sol, and I think it's absolutely paramount that she have them:

I also thought it was paramount that Kendra buy this dress, but I think I still have some convincing to do.  And yes, that's a gold lame body complemented by sheer black sleeves.  Yowza.

We also shopped for baby formula.  I'm giving up nursing.  I think 7 months is a good run, especially for a working mom.  While my employer has no problem with me pumping during the day, I find that in my new position I'm so busy that I rarely have time to pump.  It was my choice, and I'm fine with it.  However, shopping for formula?  Ridiculous.  Why are there 8,000 different kinds of formula?  WHY?  Here is a photo of the formula aisle at Target.  Is this necessary?

MiniMon is sick, and we're headed to see the good doctor today.  Her little nose has been running a marathon, and she's been waking up every couple hours.  That no make Mama Mo happy.  When Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.  So last night, in preparation for another sleepless night, I treated myself to one of my very own fabulous vegan chocolate shakes.  I'll post the recipe tomorrow, promise!  These shakes are by far one of the greatest things I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  Mmmm...

So yes, I curled up with the shake and the second book in the 50 Shades trilogy.  I swore up and down that I would not get caught up in the 50 Shades-ness, especially since I have more important reading I should be doing:
But, alas, here I am, caught up in the Twilight-esque, poorly-penned, ridiculous saga of Ana and Christian.  And while I'd like to put the book down, Christian reminds me of someone I know (not the weird Red Room stuff, but his actual persona), and I want to find out WHY he is the way he is.  Aaaaarrrgh.  Confession: I am so incredibly caught up in the story that I was sure I saw Christian Grey sitting next to me at Panera yesterday. Below, my text conversation with my sister Amanda:

Me: I'm eating lunch at Panera and I think Christian Grey is sitting in the booth just down from me...
Amanda: You must take a pic!!!! MUST!!!!

Me: Lol... Tell me how that conversation should go.  "Excuse me, young sir, you remind me of the fictional character Christian Grey, whom I have never seen, and have merely conjured up an image in my mind.  I find your smoldering gray eyes and unruly copper hair to be the epitome of handsome.  You are an exquisite being and I would like to photograph you with my Android mobile phone, so that I can send it to my sister who is currently working at a mid-Michigan neurology office... What?  Please don't call the cops."
Amanda: Come on... just do it!  Hope says do it too :) Can't you be stealthy?  Act like you are reading your screen!
Me: I already took a picture of someone at Panera today lol.  No more stealth shots!
Amanda: You wasted your picture on someone else?? Craziness!!!!
Me: Oh, it was necessary.

...And yes, it was necessary.  Just ask Sarah.

There.  Rambling done. Which brings me to a  QUESTION:  What should I call my "rambling Tuesday" posts?  10 points for the most creative suggestion :)

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