Tuesday, August 21

Ramblings on a Tuesday

I've often said that Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.  It's got that "fresh start" feel without the dreaded, stomach-churning-ness of Monday.  There: a glimpse into my reasoning for placing Tuesday on a well-deserved pedestal.

Because it's my favorite day, I feel like I should post something (I myself am irked when I follow a blog and weeks go by with no new posts; my dear friend Liz will share my sentiments there).  Trouble is, I feel like I've had literally nothing happening in my life.

So I'll ramble for a bit.

Yesterday I came into work to find the following mass email, sent out to all employees in my building:
Subject: Snake in the office

Message body:  I have been asked to send out an e-mail.  We have a snake in the office this morning.  It is not poisonous or anything.  It is long and has brown splotches and red stripes.  If anyone sees it call me immediately and someone will come and get it.  Last I heard it was in the basement.
Problem #1: I work in the basement.
Problem #2: I wore sandals to work yesterday.
Problem #3: Further communication informed me that the snake was spotted by the fireplace just outside my office; literally, directly across the hall from my office.
Problem #4: That was yesterday.  The snake has still not yet been caught.  It is still somewhere in the building.  So help me, if I open my desk drawer to find a SNAKE.
Problem #5: Please see problems #1-4.

 And because I have nothing better to write about, here are some photos of recent happenings in my life:

I bought a lotto ticket.  The first one I've ever bought (and the last one, incidentally).  It had been a good day.  I was feeling invincible.  When I found out I was a big fat lotto loser, I did not feel invincible.  The end.
My "invincible" streak continues.  I have been looking for a trunk like this for ages.  I found this fabulous one at Goodwill.  $14.  It's already been sold to someone else.  Fail.
I love coming into work and seeing a taste test sitting on my desk, complete with Saltine crackers and a snack to boot.  Twix, Twix, Twix... I love Twix.
I ALSO love coming into work and finding that my boss has brought in breakfast for me.  Yep, zucchini frittata, baked brie with homemade blueberry jam, and flan.  Hooray for gourmet!
I attempted to make my own baked brie later that night. This is what I got.  For some reason, it wasn't quite the same. That's the last time I spend $5 on a wheel of cheese.
I've started MiniMon on solid foods.  And I mean it when I say "solid" foods.  It's a technique called "Baby-led weaning."  I'll write about it later.  But basically, we try to skip past the mushy purees and give her grabbable, soft solid foods (banana and avocado here).  SHE LOVES IT.
Grabbable hunks of vegan pancakes here.  Whole foods baby.  And btw, I'm sort of addicted to kissing her adorably giant cheeks :) 
She does all right gnawing on a hunk of vegetable.  She's a smart babe.
And following each "meal" (read: Jackson Pollock-esque art fair), a bath is absolutely necessary.  And it's getting fun, because MiniMon can sit up on her own now!  She absolutely LOVES her baths.
My friend Jessica recently came for a visit; we dined downtown at one of my favorite venues, Kalamazoo Beer Exchange.  If you haven't been there, you should.  And if you haven't tried the nachos there, you haven't lived.  In this photo: their uber-delectable nachos and beer-battered pickles.  Drool.

 Hey, what do you know?  I guess I do have some interesting things happening in my life.

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