Friday, August 3

O Pinterest, How I Loathe Thee...

I know you've been on Pinterest... (enter evil genius laughter here)

My name is Melanie, and I've been pinning for about a year. (Hello, Melanie.)

Yes, it's been about a year since I fell prey to the wonderful, terrible, crafty, foody, hair-loving, home decor-inspiring, eat-it-all, want-it-all, DIY-it-all world of Pinterest (thanks a lot, Diana!!).

I also know you've been on Facebook.  And I know you've either posted or seen people posting pictures of Pinterest creations. 

And sometimes they look fabulous.  And you get things like this:

Karla's pasta pie

Kendra's peanut butter bars

Kendra, playing Mother Nature with her used veggies (they'll sprout again if you leave them in water!!)

Stephanie's wreath - GORGEOUS

Kendra's Oreo cheesecake cupcakes

Jessi's cinnamon sugar pretzel bites. Ummm.. YUM.

Kendra's phone pillow-propper-upper-thingy

Chelsea's way of asking me to be her bridesmaid :)

Heck, even my pregnancy announcement was partially inspired by Pinterest! "pinspiration??"

But then, sometimes, you get things like THIS:

or this:

Regardless of how my projects turn out, I still press onward with that terribly addictive Pinterest-fueled DIY streak.  I myself have framed, hung, repainted, revamped, de-upholstered, attempted to re-upholster, blended, cooked, planted, sewn, and glued countless items. When I get hungry, I scroll through the "food" boards on Pinterest (don't tell me you don't do the same thing...) - it's like food pornography.

I wish I would've bought stock in Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Lowe's when I first saw Pinterest.... Maybe I'll still do it.  Methinks Pinterest will stick around for quite some time.  DIY fever has officially run rampant, and I find it impossible to believe that their sales haven't skyrocketed since Pinterest swept the nation.  I find myself drawn to the craft stores.  Is it a coincidence that my new job is just moments away from the nearest Hobby Lobby, and I'm given an hour for my lunch break?  Coincidence, or sick cosmic joke?  :)

If you haven't yet been bitten by the Pinterest bug, do yourself a favor and check it out.  But be warned: Pinterest is a double-edged sword.  Your life will turn into a constant battle for better hair, more unique furniture, cuter baked goods, and more creative parties... Your nursery will never be cute enough; your bedroom will never be original enough.  Your wall hangings will always be wrong, and your patio will always need work done.  The creative struggle never ends!  Weddings, baby showers, and photography sessions will never be the same from here on out, all thanks to Pinterest. 

Do you have a fabulous Pinterest project that you're uber-proud of?  Tell me about it (and a photo is always a plus)!

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  1. Mel, I feel the same way about Pinterest. I want to do ALL THE CRAFTS AND BAKED GOODS...but I need to be home a lot more to do those things. Either way, I love looking at the things. Especially the baby stuff. :)