Friday, August 10

A 4:01 is ALWAYS Fun: Part One

Have I mentioned I love my new job?


Okay, I love my new job.

Let's move past the fact that the management is wonderful, my responsibilities are enough to keep me occupied during the workday, and the company cares about its employees (whoa! what a concept!).  I could care less about the fact that they provide Belgian ale and Oberon at lunch meetings (we do, after all, manufacture hops...).  Forget about the endless opportunities to participate in taste tests, upon completion of which each participant receives a treat (candy, chips, soda, etc).  I love the work I do, I love the people I work with.  The job just plain rocks.

Last Friday my boss sent out an email to our department:

Subject: "Are you guys up for a 4:01 today???"

Body of Email: "The Hangar?"

Additional info:
  1. It had been a long week.
  2. Our work day is from 8-5.  A post-work shindig is usually referred to as a "5:01."
  3. The Hangar is a nearby bar - which, before Friday, I had never been to.
  4. My boss is pretty awesome.
I arranged for alternate daycare pickup for Sol and RSVP'ed accordingly.

I got another email from my boss shortly after (this time, just to me):

Content: "Melanie, just so you know: we do it at 4 because of our need to pick up kids - that is usually the case.  So we usually leave close to 5 so you don't need to worry about being late for your little one.  We try to do it basically in business hours.  Hopefully you can make it.  If you can not we will do it again soon."

So my boss schedules drinks during business hours and around daycare pickup.  Does it get more employee-friendly than that?

So my department went to the Hangar after work, and we enjoyed some much-needed R&R (work talk was off-lmits).  And to make a long story short, I fell in love with my job just a smidge more.
So 5:00 rolled around, my coworkers left.  I, too, was on my way out when...

Yes, this is only Part ONE of the story.  Stay tuned for Part Deux... 
If you know me at all from my former blog, 
this post from Dec 2010 will give you an idea of what's to come :)

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