Friday, August 24

A 4:01 is ALWAYS Fun: The Much-Anticipated (and frankly anticlimactic) Part Two

Here you go, Shannon.  Part 2 of the 4:01 saga.  Are you ready?  It's about to get crazy up in here.

So 5:00 rolled around, my coworkers left.  I, too, was on my way out, when I ran into someone I used to work with.  Two jobs ago.  For the sake of this story, we'll call him Green Hat. 

Let's back up: You can read about Green Hat here and here.  But they're silly posts, and frankly at this stage a little ridiculous, so I can save you the time and just sum it up: I had eyes for Green Hat when we worked together (to clarify: we worked for the same employer, but not in the same department).  I saw him every day, and I thought he was insanely attractive.  Upon closer examination, I found out that he was also very nice.  Hence, he won my affection. 

Yes, I had eyes for Green Hat.  But then Sol's dad swept me off my feet and my affinity for the man in the green hat fell by the wayside.  We were acquaintances - nothing more - and we had kept in random and sporadic contact throughout the last couple years: a text message every few weeks/months to say, "Hi, how are you?" or "Hey, how's your job?"  I happened to run into him only once in the past year, and that was the only time I had seen him since I left our shared workplace.

So I had been thinking about him pretty recently, after the whole Mr. Uno thing fell apart, and with the approval and urging of my friend Kate, I decided to suck it up and ask him out.  I sent him a text on the day of the 4:01, around 3pm, asking him to dinner in the near future.  He responded, enthusiastically accepting, and asked me to confirm the day and time.  I got busy at work, forgot to respond, and then went out for drinks with my coworkers without getting back to him. 

That said, I was planning on responding to him after leaving the 4:01, but fate stepped in and planted the fabled Mr. Green Hat directly in my path to the door leading out of The Hangar.  I hadn't seen this guy in a year, and he just happened to be in the very same place at the very same time I was, just an hour after I contacted him (just to reiterate, neither of us knew the other was at The Hangar, and it was the first time I'd ever been there).  What are the chances, right?

We were both shocked to see each other, and he invited me to stay for a bit; he was sitting with his brother and friend.  I did stay for a bit, had a great time, and we made plans for dinner the following Wednesday (I made sure to tell him about Sol, and he was surprisingly okay with the situation).

Naturally, Wednesday arrived and I was more nervous than I'd ever been in my life (perhaps with the exception of when I had to tell my parents I was pregnant).  I couldn't eat all day, I could barely choke down any water.  This was essentially a date I had been looking forward to for TWO WHOLE YEARS.

I couldn't concentrate on anything at work, and even after work I couldn't concentrate.  After about 18 different outfits, 3 pairs of shoes, 3 necklaces, 1 watch/no-watch/watch/no-watch fiasco, 1 last-minute thought to cancel dinner, and countless text messages to and from my dear friend Jonathan, I was ready to go.  (and by the way, Jonathan was incredibly helpful - one of his messages to me: "Don't worry, it's just dinner.  Just remember that he is the lucky one who gets to eat dinner with you.")

So we went out to eat, and it was fabulous.  We already knew a lot about each other, and he seemed to remember a lot of things I had already told him.  He asked me about my daughter, my parents, my sisters, my job.  He laughed a lot (with me, not at me), and I smiled more than I've smiled in a very long time.  We finished eating, and he suggested we go get ice cream.  It was already late, and he tried 4 different ice cream places before finding one that was still open.  Nothing like persistence.  Boy must like ice cream. 
I had a great time. And he did, too.  I was [quite literally] swooning when I came home (you can ask the babysitter; it was pretty ridiculous).  Green Hat even texted me as soon as he got home, telling me how much fun he had.  I heard from him the next day, and the next day.  And then never again.

The end.

Disappointed?  Yeah, me too.

Sorry, I warned you it was anticlimactic. 

And I, Melanie, hereby do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm
that I will never again post anything on a subject 
even slightly resembling a potential significant other,
unless said significant other has given me a ring and a promise. 
Maybe not even then.

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