Tuesday, August 7

5am Contentment

It's 5:30 in the morning, and I'm up.  But I don't have to go to work today.  In fact, I took yesterday and today off.  It's nice to have some time off.  My daycare provider is taking a vacation this week, so I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off to spend with my beloved Solaya Haven.

Monday we went to the beach with a couple friends, and it was fabulous.  Not a cloud in the sky, and the weather was absolute bliss.

Today we have no specific plans (which I love).

I am currently sitting on my couch, wrapped in a blanket.  It's dark outside; the TV is on; Sex and the City (the movie) is playing in the background.  My windows are open, and there is a cool breeze blowing in through my curtains.  My daughter is fast asleep in her crib upstairs.  I can hear the freeway in the background, and it's an incredibly calming sound.

I've been going through old blogs this moring - basically a journal of my life over the last two years - and seeing just how much things have changed in my life.  I feel like I've changed/grown so much in the last couple years.  But things are okay right now.  It's not how I imagined my life would go, but I'm content regardless.

I've got some interesting things brewing in my life, but don't want to go into too much detail right now - more due to superstition than anything else... last time I posted something interesting and fabulous, it fell apart quickly after (*cough*MrUno*coughcough*).  You can imagine my hesitation from this point forward.

My apologies for the ambiguity.  Stay tuned, though - it's sort of a fabulous story, and if it goes anywhere, it will be even more fabulous.

Life is pretty flippin good.


  1. Ok I MUST SEE THE PRECIOUS CHUBBY KISSABLE BEAUTIFUL BABY. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE.BRING THIS BABY TO ME. Yeah for you can't wait to hear more happy Mel. Love you two bunches.
    Grammie Penny

  2. She looks so darn cute and happy! Hope it all works out for you!