Friday, July 6

Hooray for 10k!

Dear readers, do not be fooled.  I am not running a 10k... yet.  But thanks to my BOB, I'll be there before I know it :)

No, this is a different 10k.  Please see the photo on the right (and I apologize for the terrible quality):

That was taken yesterday afternoon.  Which means...

As of last night, I've hit 10,000 pageviews since January!  How awesome is that?

THANK YOU to all my fabulous readers!  And to celebrate, I've updated my blog a little bit.  There may be more changes in the future, but the content is still all there.  If you  have any requests/tips, send 'em my way :)


  1. Amazing! ...but not surprising that you have so many readers. You make us laugh and cry and everything else in between. Keep up the great writing! Love you more than words can say, m'ija! tu mamacita :)

  2. Agreed! Your writing has really helped me along the way with my pregnancy, being a single mom and dealing with the drama that comes along with it. Your writing really helps ease my mind about my journey and gives me faith and hope knowing I can do this and I'm not the only one going through it. You really need to write a book, it would be fantastic and I would buy it! :)