Tuesday, June 5

The Sucker Meeting Tops Them All

I’ve spent 9 months of my life here. 9 months. Almost a year spent entertaining my family and friends with the ever-increasing ridiculosity of the Sales and Operations Support department here. When I started working here, there was 1 manager, 2 supervisors, and 9 CSRs. Of the original 9 CSR’s, 1 has transferred to a different department, 1 is on her second stress-induced medical leave of the year (and it’s June), 1 is officially gone as of tomorrow, and at least 4 more are actively looking for other jobs. You do the math.

But this place is great. I mean, really –how would I ever have known the proper way to eat a sucker (as an adult working professional) unless I sat through the meeting where my manager showed us how to do it? And really, who needs to sleep in on a vacation day when your supervisor can call you at 7am for no good reason? And every expectant mother, I’m sure, just PRAYS that her supervisor will call her at the hospital to make sure she marked herself “out of office” on her work email. Oh, so many memories… some fond, most not-so-fond.

Today I unleashed all my frustrations. Although the company now does their exit interviews through a third party, our onsite HR manager (who is really very pleasant) specifically requested to do a formal in-person exit interview. She said (and I quote), “I couldn’t, in good conscience, have you leave without first discussing everything that’s wrong with the dysfunctional environment over there.” Well put, HR. Well put. She had asked me to prepare a list of things I wanted to bring up, and I eagerly obliged.

I sat down in her office today at 8:57am. She pulled out the formal “exit interview” forms and asked me the first question (What was it that most influenced your decision to leave?). Before I even had a chance to answer, she tossed the forms in the trash, pulled out a legal-size notepad and a pen, and said, “Why don’t you just start talking? Tell me everything.”

I told her everything. I told her about the desk audits, how new employees are pulled aside and confronted about their “strong scent,” and about the woman who actually NEEDS to be spoken to about her scent (“Old Books”). I told her about how employees are forced to give their passwords to their supervisors (Sarbanes-Oxley, anyone??). 55 minutes and 7 pages (yes, SEVEN PAGES, I KID YOU NOT) of legal-sized notes later, I was satisfied. Throughout the entire thing, eyes wide and jaw dropped, she took down every word I said. There were times, of course, where we had to slow down because she wanted to be sure she understood exactly what I had just said (for example, regarding the infamous “sucker meeting,” or the desk audits). She said she’s been in HR for 25 years and she’s seen and heard some bizarre things, but the sucker meeting tops them all.

I think that basically sums it all up: the sucker meeting tops them all. The notes are being typed up today and sent on to my manager’s manager, so that he knows exactly the sorts of things that happen here. There are some fabulous people that work in that department, and I sincerely hope that things change –for their own sanity. At this point, I don’t even care: Aaron, Steve, Brenda, and Kim: even though most of you aren’t reading this, I’ll still say it. You guys rock. Good luck with what’s coming (I’m sure I won’t be the most popular person in Ann’s office… so be prepared!).

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  1. GOOD for you!!! YAY! I hope things change and she is handed her ass on a platter. Nice work. :)