Wednesday, May 2

Three Months of Sun

Today was a fabulous day - for multiple reasons :)  Fabulous things are happening in our lives.  And the biggest thing...

Sol is 3 months old today!  3 months.  THREE!  I can't believe it. 

The past three months have been happy, healthy (for the most part), and best of all,  filled with love from our friends and family.  We've gone through a whole quarter of my little sunshine's first year of life.

She's laughing, smiling, grabbing (yep, broke my poor "Sol" necklace from our dear friend Donna), crying, regurgitating, pooping, [sometimes] sleeping, joyfully shrieking, almost standing, nearly rolling over, tracking, responding, and throwing occasional fits (which I've affectionally dubbed her little "solar flares"). 

I've learned:
  • I didn't register for enough burp cloths.
  • Sol likes to be held on her stomach (like a football).
  • There's a reason you don't hang anything glass above a crib (try it in the dining room first).
  • Basements are scary, especially when haunted by a chain-smoking ghost.
  • Gender-neutral clothing screams "I'm a boy," no matter what girly pink accessories you have.
  • Flo Rida and Pink Floyd work wonders for morningtime and bedtime, respectively.
  • Leaving "early" is never early enough.
  • When Sol is sick, I don't sleep.  But when I'm sick, I still don't sleep.  Lose-lose.
  • Swings are pointless.  Money is better spent on a used changing table.
  • Spray paint makes almost anything look new and fabulous.
  • Pureed fruit and vegetables are probably the easiest meal for a single mom to eat.
  • When you get a baby, you get about 50x more mail... MOST of it is good mail!
  • Atwater Brewery's Vanilla Java Porter tastes even better than it did before I was pregnant.
  • If your job already sucks it doesn't get any better after maternity leave.
  • The BOB Sport Utility jogging stroller is a-ma-zing.
  • A baby is hard work.
  • A baby is amazing.
  • A baby never stops crying.
  • A baby is the BEST MODEL EVER.
  • A baby will bring you more love than you ever thought was possible.
  • A baby is nothing less than a miracle.
Over the past three months, we've got a new house, a new car (yep, my very first BRAND NEW car!!), and some very promising opportunities on the horizon.  I'd say things are looking pretty swell.  This little girl and I are going to do some pretty awesome things.  I have no doubt that we are going to have some grand adventures.

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