Tuesday, May 8

(Not) Keeping Up Appearances

Parenthood is definitely a rude awakening. Gone are the days of sleeping in, leaving home at a moment’s notice, eating a full meal (or even just eating at all), and driving a 2-door vehicle. 7am now qualifies as “sleeping in.” Leaving home requires a significant amount of preparation. Eating is sometimes impossible. And a sporty coupe has been traded in for a more practical sedan.

Amid the trials, tribulations, pleasure, pain, joys, triumphs, and surprises of parenthood lies the OMG! factor of “the-baby-spit-up-on-me-yet-again.” Sol weighs a whopping 13 lbs. She can’t sit up, her head wobbles like she belongs on a dashboard, and she’s only just starting to purposefully reach for things. However… this girl can PUKE. I don’t know where the stuff comes from. The amount of spit-up that erupts from this little gal on a daily basis still blows my mind. The sheer force and volume of her puke seems like something from The Exorcist, and her daycare provider tells me that she’s the spittiest babe she’s ever known (thanks, I made her myself).

Funny how things change in the first couple months of parenthood. I used to change my clothes every single time Sol spit up on me. Yep, even in the mornings, as I was getting ready to leave for work, there were days where I would change my clothes –sometimes even 2 or 3 times. So the laundry began to pile up, and I started to run out of things to wear to work. News flash: I do not have an infinite wardrobe (though I wish I did…).

It was time to face the fact that I’m a single mom, flying solo. No one expects me to be perfect, and no one expects me not to smell like sour milk every now and then. The “supermom” fa├žade can be a difficult (nigh impossible) one to keep up, especially with no one else there to help out on a daily basis. Sometimes you get to a point in life when you have to quit changing your outfit three times to look and smell pretty. Sometimes you just have to wipe your shirt off and be on your way.

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